Phasmophobia Infrared Light Sensor Guide

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Phasmophobia Infrared Light Sensor Guide
Phasmophobia Infrared Light Sensor Guide

There are three different sensors in Phasmophobia: motion sensors, sound sensors, and infrared light sensors. The biggest of the three sensors is the infrared light sensor.

What is An Infrared Light Sensor?

If you’ve ever seen one of your teammates carrying around a large green sensor in their hand, then they’re carrying around an infrared light sensor.

  • The light sensor flashes a bright light when tripped by a player or a ghost.
  • There’s no direct feedback from the light sensor to the truck. However, if a video camera is set up, the truck person can see the light go off.
  • Infrared light sensors are great for larger maps to set light markers for getting back to the truck.

Does The Infrared Light Sensor Count Towards The Motion Sensor Objective?

No, unfortunately, the infrared light sensor does not count towards the motion sensor objective in Phasmophobia. The only sensor that satisfies that requirement is the motion sensor.

Another good tip for using the infrared light sensor is, if the ghost is in a smaller room, use all four infrared light sensors on each wall of the room to keep the room lit.

Players need to be level 6 to unlock an infrared light sensor in Phasmophobia. They cost $45 each, and players can only bring a total of four per round.

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