Phasmophobia Hackers – A Nuisance Or Making The Game Fun

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Phasmophobia Hackers - A Nuisance Or Making The Game Fun
Phasmophobia Hackers - A Nuisance Or Making The Game Fun

Never underestimate the power of hackers in a video game, especially when it comes to new games still in their early access phases like Phasmophobia. While Phasmophobia is scary on its own, there’s no question the game is a little repetitive after a while. With the variables from ghost type to objectives changing every round, it’s no surprise there’s almost endless replayability with the game. However, hackers and modders have found a way to take Phasmophobia and crank up the fear factor a bit, but is this really a bad thing?

Increasing The Spawn Rate Of Ghosts

Hackers have found a way to increase the spawn rate of ghosts in Phasmophobia. That means, instead of waiting around in a bathroom repeating the name of the ghost, the ghost will spawn before players can set their first camera. It really increases the pacing of the game, which, for some, makes it a lot more fun.

Increasing The Number Of Ghosts

Having more ghosts, especially on larger maps, is something we’ve been asking for since we first stepped foot in the Asylum or Brownstone High School. If players aren’t careful, they can completely tank their sanity before they even locate a ghost in the Asylum. On professional difficulty, this means the ghost starts hunting before players make it back to the truck. Now, imagine having one or two more ghosts for a large map. They would make things a lot more fun and really increase communication, teamwork, and rationing resource use. No, we don’t need three piles of salt in one tiny bathroom.

Are Hackers A Nuisance Or Making The Game Fun?

This really depends on who you ask. If someone is trying to have a good time in their lobbies, only to have a modder join and tweak the game without them knowing, it could potentially ruin their experience. Kinetic Game has advised players who want to avoid hackers to try the beta version of Phasmophobia (since the hackers tend to stay in the early access build), but not everyone wants to do that.

If you want to mod/hack the game, just do it with friends for now to avoid issues.

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