Phasmophobia Ghost Writing Book Guide

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Phasmophobia Ghost Writing Book Guide
Phasmophobia Ghost Writing Book Guide

If you’ve ever watched a Phasmophobia stream, you’ve probably seen players locating the ghost room, then dumping a bunch of items in there. By the end of the round, a once clean bedroom is now full of salt, glowsticks, books, and other items.

What Is The Ghost Writing Book In Phasmophobia?

The ghost writing book is used to collect the ghost writing evidence to determine the type of ghost players are dealing with, but which ghost type interacts with a ghostwriting book? The following ghosts have ghost writing as their piece of evidence:

How Do You Get The Ghost To Write In The Book

Contrary to current belief (and it is not confirmed whether this is a bug), but the book does not need to be placed down for the ghost to write in it.

  • The ghost can write in the book while the player is holding it.
  • The lights do not need to be off for the ghost to write in the book.
  • The book does not need to be on its back.
  • The book can be written in even if it’s in the player’s inventory. 

Are There Any Tips For Using The Ghost Writing Book?

There are a couple of tips you should know when using the ghost writing book:

  • Placing the book against a wall or other surface with a video camera looking at it helps safely identify ghost writing.
  • What the ghost writes doesn’t always denote the type of ghost you’re dealing with, but it can help narrow it down.
  • Some ghosts take a while to write in books. It may be necessary to stir up activity or move the book around to get the writing.

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