Phasmophobia Game Stuck On 90%

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Phasmophobia Game Stuck On 90%
Phasmophobia Game Stuck On 90%

There’s nothing quite like having a full team together, getting the map you want to play, on the difficulty you want to play it on. Everyone has their items added, and you’re ready to hit start.

The whiteboard starts loading as it inches its way to 100% loaded, but then it stops at 90%. You tell yourself that it will only take a couple of seconds, but those seconds lead to minutes. What happened?

Phasmophobia Video Game Stuck Loading At 90%

What Happens When Your Phasmophobia Game Is Stuck On 90%?

When some players go to start a game, they get stuck on 90% when loading into a map.

  • The game is taking a couple of minutes to load.
  • The game has frozen entirely, and the rest of the group can proceed without you.

If your game has frozen entirely, then you’ve essentially disconnected from the lobby, and the other players can continue the game with only three members.

What Can You Do If Your Phasmophobia Game Is Stuck On 90%?

The developer suggests a couple of steps to take if your game is stuck on 90%:

1. Plug out your VR headset if you’re not using it in-game

2. Launch Steam as Administrator

3. Lower your graphics settings

4. Verify integrity of game files (right-click on Phasmophobia in Steam -> Local Files tab -> Verify integrity of game files)

5. Try using a VPN. Sometimes this works.

6. Check your PC GPU on If it scores below 800, your graphics card can’t run this game.

7. Check your PC CPU on If it scores below 2000, your CPU can’t run the game.

(These two options will remove any progress you’ve made in the game):

5. Press Win + R and paste in %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Kinetic Games\Phasmophobia. Remove savedata.txt and relaunch the game.

6. OR! Delete everything in the LocalLow\Kinetic Games folder, then uninstall Phasmophobia, restart your computer, and reinstall.

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