Phasmophobia EMF Reader Guide

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Phasmophobia EMF Reader Guide
Phasmophobia EMF Reader Guide

Before your setup phase in Phasmophobia, you have to find the ghost’s room. An EMF reader, thermometer, parabolic microphone, and spirit box are some of the best pieces of equipment for pinpointing a ghost’s location.

What Is An EMF Reader?

An EMF reader is a small light-up device that also makes a small alarm sound when there is ghost activity:

  • Ouija board interaction.
  • Ghost manifesting, making sounds, whispering, etc.
  • Ghost interacting with the environment.

An EMF reader is the equipment needed to get the EMF level 5 piece of evidence. It is possible to place an EMF reader on the floor, on counters, or other flat surfaces.

What Does High EMF Levels Mean?

If your EMF reader goes off, then don’t panic.

  • EMF level 5 doesn’t mean the ghost is hunting or you are in any danger (certain ghosts may trigger high levels of EMF during a hunt)
  • High EMF levels simply means there are high levels of ghost activity.
  • Switch to an empty hand or different item during a hunt can help you hide since the ghost can still hear an EMF reader going off (if it happened to trigger it)

How Do You Use An EMF Reader?

To use the EMF reader in Phasmophobia, if you’re playing with mouse and keyboard, you:

  • Right-click to turn it on or off.
  • Cover every inch of a location because of how proximity-sensitive the EMF reader is.
  • Switch to a different item during a hunt to quietly turn it off, so you’re not detected by the ghost.
  • If you found the ghost room without an EMF reader, prop it up within view of a video camera to see if you get EMF 5 during higher levels of ghost activity.

EMF readers are starter items, but if you need any more, it comes at the cost of $45. Each round can only carry a maximum of two EMF readers.

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