Phasmophobia Bug: The Picture Of The Ghost Doesn’t Count?

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Phasmophobia Bug The Picture Of The Ghost Doesn’t Count

Have you ever sat in one of the rooms on Tanglewood Street to have a ghost manifest in front of you as you panic with the photo camera? After the initial picture, you take another one for good measure, notice a good picture on your camera, but open the journal to see it doesn’t count. There’s nothing more disheartening than that, especially if your optional objective is to take a photo of the ghost.

Why Didn’t The Picture Of The Ghost Count?

Even though you’re on edge inside of one of the locations and panicking when taking a photo, you should try to get the ghost centered as much as possible. However, even photos with clear pictures of the ghost don’t count. For example:

Phasmophobia Hournal Photos

In this example, the ghost spawned, looking outside of the window. While we did panic, we were able to center the ghost as much as we could. Fortunately, the ghost stood there long enough for us to run around and snap a picture from the back. Apparently, in this photo, it was just because the ghost was obscured that it didn’t count, even if it was in the image.

However, sometimes when we take a picture of seemingly nothing, we get a photo in our journal that counts as a “ghost.” Make it make sense Kinetic Game.

How Come The Picture Of The Ghost Doesn’t Count?

In this example, we have a picture of the back of the ghost’s head out of panic. We ran out of the door and turned around to take a picture as it started to hunt and took another picture. For some reason, even though the ghost was clearly in the picture, it only counted as “footstep.

Maybe it was making footsteps as it was crawling on the ground? But that is a clear shot of the ghost. It could be a bug, but, again, make it make sense Kinetic Game.

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