Phasmophobia Bug: Ghost Gets Stuck In An Endless Hunt

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If you’ve played the new prison map in Phasmophobia, you already know it’s only accessible through the game’s unstable beta build. That means there’s bound to be a few bugs or two. While some of these bugs don’t make the game unplayable, others force us to quit the game entirely. One such bug that forces players to ALT+F4 a game is getting stuck in an endless hunt.

Does The Ghost’s Hunt Ever Stop?

At first, we chalked a longer hunt up to the professional difficulty. Ghosts hunt a little longer on professional than lower difficulties. However, since they tasked me to be the truck person, I watched in horror as the total activity line remained at a constant ten.

We waited for three minutes, then six minutes, then some who knew they were safe got up and made themselves a microwave meal, sat back down, and watched Netflix on their phones. The ghost never stopped hunting.

What Did We Do?

If the ghost is stuck in an endless hunt, then there was really nothing we could do. The rest of the team stepped out to sacrifice one of themselves to stop the hunt, but the ghost was nowhere to be found.

Maybe it set itself to hunting auto-pilot and took a nap?

We’ve reported the bug through the proper channels. Unfortunately, if you run into this bug, there’s nothing you can do except to leave the game or close it entirely.

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