Phasmophobia Bug: Cameras Switching Without Touching The Mouse

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We’ve been having a lot of fun playing the new prison map in Phasmophobia. However, since it’s a larger location like Brownstone High School or the Asylum, it’s best to follow one of the best tips before entering: checking the CCTV cameras.

Why Check The CCTV Cameras?

If you look at the prison map, you’ll notice you can already operate the truck’s computer to look through the prison maps. There’s a live feed of different areas in the prison such as the cafeteria, the cell blocks, and the offices. It’s one of the best ways to pinpoint a ghost’s location before entering the prison (that is, unless the ghost type you’re dealing with doesn’t have ghost orbs).

There’s A Bug With The Truck’s Monitor

Unfortunately, there’s still an annoying bug in the unstable beta build that is also in the game’s early access build: the cameras change by itself. Some will say it’s a ghost, but the developer has already confirmed it’s a bug. The monitor shouldn’t show a different camera unless you click the mouse yourself.

Is There Anything You Can Do About This Bug?

Unfortunately, even verifying your game files won’t do anything to fix this bug. This bug is on Phasmophobia’s side. The only thing you can do is to cycle through the cameras again. It’s annoying not being able to go back if you click too quickly. Just be careful how fast you’re clicking.

What are some ideas you have for the CCTV/video camera system to be improved in Phasmophobia?

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