Phasmophobia Brownstone High School Map, Tips, And Ouija Board Locations Guide

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Phasmophobia Brownstone High School Map, Tips, And Ouija Board Locations Guide
Phasmophobia Brownstone High School Map, Tips, And Ouija Board Locations Guide

Nobody likes school. It’s scary, intimidating, and everyone can’t wait to leave. Unfortunately, as a ghost hunter in Phasmophobia, you need to step back into an abandoned school to find which ghost is stalking the decrepit hallways of Brownstone High School.

Brownstone High School Map

Brownstone High School is not as large as the Asylum in Phasmophobia, but it still has a lot of rooms to explore. Take a look at this map created by KDOG57.

Phasmophobia Brownstone High School Map
Phasmophobia Brownstone High School Map

The confirmed Ouija board locations in Brownstone High School Are:

  • Basketball court
  • Library
  • Cafeteria

Also, according to this map, classroom 1 and 14 do not have anywhere to hide, so it’s important to plan your escape route during a hunt ahead of time.

Phasmophobia Brownstone High School Map Tips

Since Brownstone High School follows a lot of the same tips from the Asylum. With a standard team of four, the strategy should be:

  • Have a player or two assigned to the parabolic microphone.
  • Have a team sweep room by room with EMF and thermometer.
  • Have one or two players also carry a crucifix to place in the suspected area.
Phasmophobia Brownstone School Entrance

When you’re playing on a large-sized map like Brownstone High School, the parabolic microphone is your best friend. You have to communicate with other players to ensure you’re not picking up their movement. Once you suspect you’re picking up the sounds of footsteps or objects moving, you can quickly converge your team to investigate with the other pieces of equipment.

One of the best tips for playing Brownstone Highschool in Phasmophobia is to look at the cameras ahead of time in the truck. You might be able to pick up ghost orbs, which can help you and your team pinpoint the location before you even go into the school.

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