Phasmophobia Beta Changes: Improvement To The Parabolic Microphone

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Phasmophobia Beta Changes Improvement To The Parabolic Microphone

The parabolic microphone has been a stable of Phasmophobia since the beginning. While it’s always been there, it was rarely utilized. We’ve gone through many groups where the parabolic microphone sat on the shelf collecting dust the entire run. Even on bigger maps like The Asylum, The Prison, or Brownstone High School, other players still opted to split up with thermometers instead. However, with all the temperature changes and the changes to the thermometer itself, the parabolic microphone has come back into relevance.

What Does The Parabolic Microphone Do?

Phasmophobia Game Guide Sound Sensor

The parabolic microphone works as a mobile sound sensor. The microphone picks up a sound between 1.0 and 3.0. The reading could be higher if there are multiple sounds in the area it’s searching. Some sources of sound include:

  • The sound of other players talking.
  • The ghost throwing items.
  • Footsteps (either from the ghost or other players)
  • Motion sensors activating.
  • Ghosts stepping in salt.

If a ghost (or another player) makes a sound, the parabolic microphone picks it up for a short period. Multiple sounds in one location can potentially give higher readings.

What Changes Were Made To The Parabolic Microphone?

The thermometer’s numerous changes were made because the developer wanted players to use multiple pieces of equipment to search for the ghost’s room. People were too reliant on the thermometer to easily locate the ghost’s room. Now that the thermometer isn’t as powerful as it once was (combined with the changes to temperature overall), players need to rely on equipment like the EMF reader or the parabolic microphone.

What do you think of the changes to the parabolic microphone?

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