Phasmophobia Beta Changes: Improved Ghost’s Pathfinding

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Phasmophobia Beta Changes Improved Ghost Pathfinding

January is gearing up to be a month of change for Phasmophobia. There are:

  • Temperature changes
  • Hunting changes
  • Fuse box changes

Now, a new steam build for the beta version of the game is out that has some changes. One of the changes to Phasmophobia is the improvement of the ghost’s pathfinding.

What Is The Ghost’s Pathfinding?

Phasmophobia Ghost Pathfinding

The ghost’s pathfinding is the path it takes when it’s hunting. Before January’s changes to Phasmophobia, the ghost would seem like it wandered aimlessly unless it latched onto a player, then it would follow the player. Now, the ghost has improved pathfinding. It will actively search your last known location and follow you around corners.

What Recent Changes Were Made To The Ghost’s Pathfinding?

On January 18th, an update was made to the beta build that included a number of fixes and changes. The change made to the pathfinding was that it was improved to prevent the ghost from checking different floors. That means (when playing on a two-story map), the ghost won’t leave the floor it’s on if it knows you haven’t left. It won’t wander around too much.

The ghost is now programmed to check your last known location. That means it’s not very smart to stay where you are if the ghost starts hunting. Try to position yourself nearby another room, closet, or locker. If you absolutely cannot move, you can try holding the door closed, but there’s no guarantee the ghost won’t still get in if it intends to path in that direction anyway, as seen in this video.

What do you think of the changes made to the ghost’s pathfinding in Phasmophobia?

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