Phasmophobia Beta Changes: Ghosts Can Now Open Doors During A Hunt

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Phasmophobia Beta Changes Ghosts Can Now Open Doors During A Hunt

Phasmophobia is already a terrifying game, but it has gotten even scarier with updates to the game’s beta build. Changes include the fuse box starting in the off position on professional difficulty, ghosts being able to hear players during hunts, and players on professional difficulty having to guess who the ghost responds to. However, one of the more terrifying changes to the game’s beta is the ghost’s ability to open doors during a hunt.

Were Ghosts Unable To Open Doors Before?

Ghosts have always been able to open doors. In fact, a door slightly creaking open has always been an indication that the ghost is in the area (it’s also a good idea to bring a UV flashlight or glow stick to the door to check for fingerprints). However, depending on the type of ghost, players could simply jump into a closet, locker, or room, and pick up their phone until the lights stopped flashing.

The Ghost Will Now Try To Open A Door During A Hunt

Phasmophobia Ghost Walking In Room

Now, when the lights start flashing, players can jump into a locker, closet, or in another room, but they need to keep the door closed. Imagine the terror of walking into a room thinking you’re safe only to have the ghost swing the door wide open and make a beeline towards you. There’s nothing more terrifying than holding a door closed only to hear a ghost try to pry it open. This is a welcome and refreshing change to those who felt the game was getting a little stale. This change is currently only available on the game’s unstable beta build, but we’re hoping to see it applied to the stable alpha build soon.

What do you think of this new change to the ghost’s behavior during a hunt?

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