Phasmophobia Beta Changes: Fuse Box

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Phasmophobia Beta Changes Fuse Box

January had some new changes come to Phasmophobia’s unstable beta build, and one of them is a major change to the fuse box. The fuse box is found on every map in Phasmophobia from Tanglewood Street to The Asylum. It can be turned off and on by players and ghosts alike. When the fuse box is off, players (and ghosts) are unable to turn on lights (and vice versa).

The Fuse Box Undergoes A Major Change

Phasmophobia Fuse Box

When it comes to most ghost types (except for Jinns), it’s best to keep the fuse box on. The reason you want to keep the fuse box on in Phasmophobia is, when the fuse box is off, you’re unable to turn the lights on. Having the light on slows the drain of sanity. This is important for ghost hunters who haven’t found enough evidence and want to avoid constant hunting.

However, the major change that came with the January Phasmophobia update to the beta build was that the fuse box would start in the off position. This means players will have a faster drain on sanity when searching for/setting up for the ghost. This change to the fuse box only applies to Phasmophobia’s professional difficulty.

The best practice for slowing the drain of sanity is to have one player designated to run for the fuse box. If you’re playing solo in Phasmophobia, you should make a beeline for the fuse box. Turn on as many lights as necessary to slow the drain of sanity.

What do you think of the fuse box change in Phasmophobia’s January beta update?

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