Phasmophobia Beta Change: The Whiteboard On Professional Difficulty

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Phasmophobia Beta Change The Whiteboard On Professional Difficulty

The whiteboard provides valuable information such as the ghost’s name and who it will respond to. However, recent changes to Phasmophobia’s beta have taken out the latter. This change only reflects on professional difficulty.

The Whiteboard No Longer Tells You Who The Ghost Responds To

Phasmophobia Whiteboard In Truck

Instead of telling you if the ghost responds to the whole group or if someone needs to be alone, the whiteboard now tells you to figure it out for yourself. This is a welcome change as many believed the game was too easy. Now, there’s an extra layer of difficulty having to figure out whether you can stay in the ghost’s room alone or if you need to keep your friends with you.

Why Does The Ghost Responding To Everyone Or People Who Are Alone Matter?

The Phasmophobia community is torn between whether this only applies to the spirit box or if this also applies to ghost activity. If the ghost only responds to people alone, you will only get responses from the spirit box if none of the other party members are in the room with you. If the ghost responds to everyone, then the ghost will respond in the spirit box regardless of who is there.

Some in the Phasmophobia community believe this also applies to ghost activity. If the ghost only responds to people who are alone, it will show almost no activity (opening doors, making sounds, showing itself) if there are multiple people around. This is also indicative of a Shade. However, if the ghost responds to everyone, then it will show ghost activity regardless. There are also other ways to increase ghost activity, such as a smudge stick or salt, but that all depends on the type of ghost.

What do you think about the whiteboard change in Phasmophobia?

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