Phasmophobia Beta Change: Reduced Speed That Ghosts Can Lower The Temperature

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Phasmophobia Beta Change Reduced Speed That Ghosts Can Lower The Temperature

This one sounds like a bit of a head-scratcher, but it makes sense if you think about it. When we would sweep a location to find the ghost’s room, it would only take a matter of moments because multiple people with temperature sensors could quickly split up and look for the ghost’s room. This made Phasmophobia a bit boring as it became systematic after a certain point.

The point of these temperature changes was to make the first part a little more difficult.

The Speed Ghosts Can Lower Temperature Was Reduced

Ghosts can’t lower the temperature as fast as they could anymore. That means it might take one or two sweeps around an area before the temperature shows anything definitive. That means players will need to rely on hearing noises with their own ears or using different pieces of equipment to locate the ghost:

The sensors are more for if you suspect the ghost is in an area and want to confirm or pinpoint it’s location or where it’s moving.

Why Was This Change Made To The Thermometer?

Phasmophobia Thermometer Check

The changes were not unexpected. We knew they were coming. However, we welcome this change to the thermometer because locating the ghost’s room became too trivial. Now, with the fuse box starting in the off position on professional runs, we have to worry a little more about our drain on sanity. These temperature changes increase the difficulty of Phasmophobia and make the game a little more fun.

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