Phasmophobia Beta Change Player’s Sanity

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Phasmophobia Beta Change Player’s Sanity
Phasmophobia Beta Change Player’s Sanity

Big changes are already coming to Phasmophobia, and a big part of the game, the player’s sanity, is getting some much-needed changes too.

What Is Sanity In Phasmophobia?

You’ll see the player’s sanity in the truck on the Team Sanity screen. The drain on sanity depends on the difficulty of the map players are on. For example, there is only a 1x sanity decay rate on Amateur difficulty compared to the 2x rate of decay on professional difficulty. Active drain on sanity is caused by:

Sanity is only regained through the use of sanity pills. Having the lights on or using candles can slow the drain of sanity.

How Does Sanity Affect The Game?

At lower sanity levels, players will begin to see flickering lights. The lower the party’s average sanity, the more chance a ghost will initiate a hunt (keeping in mind, banshees follow a different rule altogether).

Changes To Sanity In The Beta

The beta version of Phasmophobia has made a couple of changes. The first change is that the dead players will no longer count towards the average sanity. However, if a player dies, anyone left alive will lose 15 sanity. This gives an incentive for players to work together for survival.

The second big change is that the players’ average sanity levels are now shown on the Team Sanity board. Instead of guessing the average sanity, players now know exactly how much the team’s average is. This helps the person in the truck let players know who needs to come out for pills and when the group is in danger for a hunt.

What do you think of the sanity changes in Phasmophobia?

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