Phasmophobia Beta Change: Placing Candles

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Phasmophobia Beta Change Placing Candles
Phasmophobia Beta Change Placing Candles

Candles are another light source in Phasmophobia alongside a flashlight and a strong flashlight. The purpose of the candles in Phasmophobia is to slow the loss of sanity. Some advanced players use candles to help find the ghost’s location if they notice the fire was burned out. Others use candles in “candle-only” challenges where players walk through locations without a flashlight.

This is a terrifying challenge as there’s no way to know if a ghost is hunting (unless there’s a blinking light source nearby). However, placing the candles was always funny because they were not placeable before; they were only droppable. This has changed with the January beta update to Phasmophobia.

Can You Place Candles Down Normally Now?

Yes, in January’s beta update to Phasmophobia, it is possible to place candles down with the F key as you would with a ghostwriting book or salt. That means, no more dropping candles onto the floor or counters hoping they sit up like a normal candle. That means they’ll light up easier, especially if you’re using them as navigation markers in larger maps like The Asylum, Brownstone High School, or The Prison.

What do you think about Phasmophobia’s January beta update regarding candle placement?

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