Phasmophobia Beta Change: Improved Ghost AI

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Phasmophobia Beta Change Improved Ghost AI

Kinetic Games, the developers behind the hit game, Phasmophobia, insists on making the game as terrifying as possible during a hunt. Before, a hunting phase was rarely scary (unless you were dealing with a Revenant) because you could simply close the door and check your phone until the hunting phase was over.

The past couple of months have seen some improvements to the ghost’s AI during hunts, and it looks like there are more changes ahead. Let’s look at the latest change to the ghost AI.

Certain Ghosts Will Now Target The Closest Player

Phasmophobia Video Game Ghost AI

Before, during a hunt, if a ghost was locked on to a certain player, other players could slip by it or be completely safe elsewhere. Now, everyone needs to worry about hiding. When a ghost hunts, it used to have a specific target. In the case of a banshee, it would only target a specific player until they died (or if they left to go back to the truck, then, the ghost would switch targets).

Now, Kinetic Games improved the ghost’s AI in Phasmophobia to the point where, if another player gets too close while the ghost is chasing another player, that player will die (or get targeted). This change makes it so everyone will need to hide or worry about their positioning during a ghost’s hunting phase.

With ghosts able to open doors with improved pathing, it seems as if Kinetic Games wants the hunting phase to be extra terrifying going forward.

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