Phasmophobia Apartment Level Speculation

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Phasmophobia Apartment Level Speculation
Phasmophobia Apartment Level Speculation

We only have a handful of levels in Phasmophobia right now. We have a couple of farmhouses, a high school, an Asylum, and some suburban homes. However, Kinetic Games has stated they plan on working on an apartment building. Of course, since we don’t have any other information other than their intentions to create an apartment building, we only have our speculation to go off of.

The Apartment Building Should Be Bigger

We have some two-story maps in Phasmophobia, but we’re hoping an apartment building will be a lot larger. We would be happy if the apartment building in Phasmophobia would be fourteen stories high so we can go along with excluding the 13th floor because of superstition.

The Elevators Shouldn’t Work

Obviously, suppose we’re dealing with a haunted apartment building. In that case, they should have a reason to keep the elevators out of order unless you want the easy movie cliche of running into an elevator to avoid a ghost. Actually, nevermind, it would be hilarious to watch players run into an elevator thinking they’re safe, only to have the ghost spawn there.

More Than One Ghost

If you’re going to have a larger apartment complex, you need to have more than one ghost haunting it. It would be interesting to see players try to piece hauntings together, especially if two ghost rooms are relatively close to each other. That means evidence could get jumbled, and it would require a bit more logical thought put into rounds other than running around maps screaming with a crucifix in hand.

An apartment level in Phasmophobia sounds fun. It’s going to be interesting to see how and when it gets implemented. It’ll be especially interesting if there are more game modes available to see how different an apartment complex map will compare to the current maps we have in early access.

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