Phantasy Star Online 2 Journal: Entry Two

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Phantasy Star Online 2 Journal Entry Two

When I first booted up Phantasy Star Online 2 a couple of days ago. I was not aware there was an opening cinematic. That’s probably because I was so excited to get started I didn’t realize there would be a super cool and wonderfully generic dragon fight.

What, a dragon? In the opening cinematic of a Japanese roleplaying game? Someone call the press, we have something groundbreaking here.

Stop the presses! We have a Walmart Marth in this cutscene too. What a time to be alive!

All jokes aside, at least the music in the opening cinematic of the game brought me back to my childhood.

This was my second time logging into the game, so I was surprised to see a login stamp. Like any free-to-play game, that means they want you to log in every day so you can see the wonderful bot spam in this ship I have yet to explore. I wonder if it’s as big as the one in Phantasy Star Universe. Was the ship in Phantasy Star Universe even big, or was I just a wee lad at the time, and everything seemed big to me?

I ran to the quest counter, eager to jump into the game and button mash until I figured the game out. My clicking around led to different quest menus where I saw quests I’d be foolish to take at my current level (which is still level one, don’t ask me how that’s possible).

After furiously clicking through the menus, I came across the training quests. Finally, I can learn how to be a Techter, a “healing” and support class meant to stay up and close with the monster like healing classes normally are? I didn’t see any backline support classes, and I don’t think Phantasy Star really follows that holy trinity anyway.

I stepped into the training area where the most generic anime-looking NPC comes on my screen and talks to me about what she expects of me. Of course, I kind of skipped through what she was saying. Like any gamer, we skip tutorials, but I wanted to try reading what each of my abilities does.

Like any first attempt at a video game, I was lost and confused. I had no idea what I was doing, even with the text rubbing it in my face like sandpaper. I had to use a basic attack on the first enemy, which still took me five minutes to do because I didn’t know I had to hold down one of my controller buttons to make one of my attacks stronger to “build my force.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have skipped over what she was trying to tell me. The generic anime lady was watching over me as I failed to perform basic attacks for ten minutes.

Finally, I was tasked to take all I had learned to defeat a final wave of enemies. Unfortunately, I learned absolutely nothing. I even forgot how to dodge. That was in the first lessons, not two minutes into logging in for the first time.

But I am a gamer.

I can endure.

I can overcome.

I button-mashed my way to victory.

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