Path of Exile Leveling Guide

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path of exile leveling guide
path of exile leveling guide

Leveling in Path of Exile can be a daunting task at first, but here are a few tips to get you started.

There are many different classes within the popular ARPG title, Path of Exile. There are also a wide variety of aspects that can affect your progress in the game, which revolves around PoE currency, PoE orbs, grinding, and in this case how to level up your class. This particular guide will take a look at how to level up your character.

Making a character for a specific class can be daunting in a game such as Path of Exile. This is due to the high amount of customization that is available to you, with a choice of classes that can come equipped with many different abilities. With that being said, firstly we will be taking a look at what your levelling methods should be.

Even if you have managed to get to grips with games of a similar style, Path of Exile can be complicated in trying to get to grips with levelling in particular. There is a wealth of different systems that you need to get your head around. You will soon notice that there are so many different vendor recipes, tricks and much more going around that you are going to want to research which will be the best combination for you to apply to your own personal character.

Leveling Builds

This is one of the more confusing parts of looking into how Path of Exile works. The reason is that the temptation is there for players to want to get to their end-game build from a very early stage. So which method is the right one?

Ultimately, that depends entirely on your character and the type of progress that you are looking for. But generally speaking, you should be going for a standard method of leveling your skills, instead of trying to get to where you are going to at such an early stage of the game. This will give you the opportunity to skill more points that you want to use when you eventually get round to mapping, and you can use leveling questlines to respect if you want to.

Skills to Level

As you have probably noticed by now, there are a lot of skills that can be useful when it comes to leveling in Path of Exile, so there are a lot of paths that you can choose when doing so. So, some examples of this are the likes of the Storm Brand, Static Strike, Cleave, Firestorm, Winter Orb, Spark, Purifying Flame, Blade Vortex, and Fire Trap are all fantastic recommendations to get started with leveling.

A good outlook would be to focus on skills that have strong base damage. This will help you take out groups of enemies without the need for extra gems. If you were going for a Bow Build for example this would be quite difficult, because builds like this need gear that you acquire much later in the game to be any use, so if you are starting it then it’s something you should try and avoid.

The art of Looting

The practice of looting also plays a big part in PoE. Like many other games of a similar style, there is one heck of a lot of loot to be picked up during your journey. It can also be tempting to pick up every last piece of loot that you see when you have killed an enemy or have come across a stash. Leaving loot that you don’t need sadly is a vital part of progression in the game.

This rings true even more so when it comes to leveling. The odds are if you are reading this that you are at a low level, or if not then you have been at some point. The majority of pick-ups at this part of the game are useless to you, with exception to the likes of Jewelry or anything else that is worth your time identifying. If you find something that you can use to benefit you, then by all means go ahead and do so. Even in the early stages you can use items and combinations to get rings, belts and other such items that can help improve your character.

This isn’t to put you off looting altogether, of course. You should still be making sure that you are keeping an eye out for rare loot that you can find in blue chests and such. If anything, finding Magic or Rare items in the early times of you playing the game can be put to good use, with the Scroll of Wisdoms for example. Nevertheless, once you get to grips with the game and you feel comfortable to do so, make sure that you get rid of any items that you aren’t going to need. Many adventures lie ahead of you, and you are going to want to make sure that you have enough inventory space that doesn’t need to be taken up by any items that you aren’t going to need or use.

Gathering Scrolls

Whilst many players that have been familiar with the game for a long time don’t usually need to gather scrolls, new players often find themselves running out on numerous occasions. This can be frustrating for sure, but fear not, as there is a way for you to gather a few of the Scroll of Wisdom if needed.

All you will need to do is find a PoE orb called the Orb of Transmutation. This is a common orb that you will have probably seen already knocking around. If you have found some, then be sure to take them to a vendor for a PoE trade, which will then give you four Scrolls of Wisdom. If you need Portal Scrolls, then you can use three Scrolls of Wisdom to buy one, so the Orb of Transmutation can come in very handy.

This is effectively what you need to know to get started on leveling. Once you have gotten into the groove of Path of Exile, you will be able to apply these techniques and build up your character in an efficient way, regardless of the class that you are using. It can take a while to come to terms with a lot of features of the ARPG, but once you have done so you will find that it is also a very rewarding game, as long as you don’t sell yourself short too early with complex PoE builds.

Have you tried any of these techniques when leveling? Let us know in the comments section below!

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