Paper Mario: The Origami King

Game Description

The Origami King is a video game that is developed and distributed by Intelligent Systems. This is the sixth chapter of the Paper Mario series, released on July 17, 2020, for the Nintendo Switch system.

The Origami King reverts to the action-oriented RPG form seen in previous Paper Mario titles, unlike the previous one, the Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016), which had a straightforward gameplay framework. The game is a tale of King Olly. He wishes to conquer the planet to become origami. To achieve so, he seizes the castle of Princess Peach, and it takes care of the army of Bowser. Mario and Olly ‘s sister Olivia with the help of Bowser, embark on an adventure to save Olly.

Unlike previous Paper Mario matches, the Origami King is an RPG, where the player controls a paper clone of Mario in a 3D environment and fuses several three-dimensional paper constructions, including origami-sculptures. The player enters the super world of the game to gather coins and objects, to locate non-playable characters, and to solve various puzzles based on the paper reality definition.

Mario will have multiple friends on his trip to help him overcome challenges and enter the fight. Olivia, for example, encourages Mario by choosing her weapons that communicate with the paper world, solve puzzles, and reveal secrets. The game utilizes a battle structure focused on the ring: with Mario positioned in the middle of the arena and surrounded by many circles. The player needs to line up his opponents spread over a brief amount of time and then chose to strike, to inflict the most harm for anyone lined up. Once the player is done attacking, it is the turn of the opponent to attack.

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