PACER Trailer and Release Date announced by R8 Games

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Pacer AKA Formula Fusion is bringing is Wipeout flavour to PC and Console

The video game industry takes advantage of all the resources offered by current technology, titles that some years ago were impossible to make, today I am viable, and one of them is ‘PACER’.

‘PACER’ is a racing game, but not the races we are used to with traditional franchises like ‘Dirt‘ or ‘Need for Speed‘. Here we will find a game of anti-gravity combat locks that we now know will go on sale on September 17 of this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC through Steam.

A Game That Will Test Our Reflexes

R8 Games has shared some trailer for ‘PACER.’ So far, we can see that it is a game that will offer unbridled action at a very fast pace. Therefore, it will require all our senses to be able to stay on the race track.

In ‘PACER,’ we can compete in various types of races on crazy tracks that will defy gravity and physics. So, the key to being victorious will be to use all our skills while driving through each of its circuits.

Vehicles will be able to circulate at more than 400 kilometers per hour. So, we should have swift reflexes when cornering and have to brake unexpectedly to avoid colliding with another vehicle.

‘PACER’ will have a campaign mode that will allow us to develop our pilot. We then choose from a total of ten teams when participating in these races.

PACER Main Features

In summary, PACER offers players the ability to drive five Craft vehicles, each with different handling improvements that affect the engine, brakes, anti-gravity and defense. Other settings influence ammo, damage, or firing speed.

  • Skill-based racing: PACER provides a true measure of skill, reflexes and a game style with a comprehensive simulation, excitement and combat of arcade racers.
  • Set your own rules: Select from a range of 4-speed levels varying from 400 km/h to 1000 km/h, and then check the nerves in different styles, including dumping, resistance, the unique ‘Flowmentum’ and storm.
  • Hit the track: Compete against your competitors on 14 exclusive demanding tracks that give up to 8 separate forms of playing on the circuit with interchangeable variants (Night, Mirrored, Reverse).
  • The Planet Race: PACER is brought to a new stage with up to 10 teams, 7 game modes and VOIP online.
  • Blasting Songs: Make your own 80-song compilation with the initial compositions and licenses from esteemed musicians of the CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright).


This Wipeout-style anti-gravity racing game was released in 2017 under the name Formula Fusion. But in 2019, the studio announced that it would be relaunching under a new name, with new content and changing the graphics engine to Unreal Engine 4.

If we mention Wipeout, it is no coincidence. The game has in its credits a CoLD SToRAGE soundtrack and a graphic identity from The Designers Republic.

We remind you that ‘PACER’ will go on sale on September 17, 2020, for PS4, Xbox One and PC through Steam.

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