One Secret To Keeping Queues Low In Two Point Hospital

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Are your GP offices overflowing with patients in Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock? Do you have double-digit numbers in your diagnosis rooms while your overworked doctors and nurses are sitting in a break room? Well, there’s one simple trick you can try and lower your queues in Two Point Hospital.

Reduce The Number Of Interactive Items

If you want to optimize your hospital’s flow, you need to remove or limit interactive items in your hospital. Interactive items in Two Point Hospital include:

  • Magazine racks
  • Arcade machines
  • Vending machines

Aren’t Interactive Items Useful?

If your patients are dying in Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock, take a look at your interactive item use. These items keep patients from getting bored, but they’re a big reason why they’re dying too. Having too many interactive items will slow patients down, which can cause a more prolonged treatment queue. Think of interactive items as unnecessary traffic on the freeway. Interactive items can also be a drain on your funds. Your patients won’t be very happy without interactive items, but it’s better than them being dead.

What Items Reduce Boredom Without Killing Patients?

You don’t need ten arcade machines around your GP’s office to reduce a patient’s boredom. Money is challenging to come by, especially when you’re trying to overcome specific challenges, but if you can afford an Indoor Fountain, it is just as useful for your patients (four patients can visit a fountain at the same time to reduce their boredom), while increasing your hospital’s attractiveness.

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