Omori: Where Is Hector?

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Omori Where Is Hector

Check out this guide if you want to find Hector in Omori. There’s no more devastating scene in all of video game history than the moment Kel lost his trusty companion and pet rock, Hector. Hector played his part in the Vast Forest when Kel deployed him a couple of feet to help find Basil. However, when the group’s search for Basil brings them to The Otherworld, Hector is tragically lost.

Where Can I Find Hector In Omori?

Omori Game Guide - KEL - HECTOR, my pet rock I swear I just had him in my pocket

As the group ascends the long ladder to The Otherworld, Hector falls out of Kel’s pocket. It’s a sad scene, but many don’t realize this kicks off a side quest appropriately named “HECTOR.”

Once people realize they have a side quest to find Hector in Omori, they check the bottom of the ladder. It would make sense for Hector to be there, right? While there is a rock sitting at the base of the ladder, it is but an ordinary rock and not Hector.

Omori Game Guide - KEL - Orange Oasis at DINO DIG

The group doesn’t run into Hector until much later in the game when you have access to Orange Oasis. When exploring the DINO’S DIG location in Omori, the group will stumble upon Hector. However, Hector now has a family. He has a wife and a child now. As much as he enjoyed his time with Kel, he chooses his family over a life of adventure.

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