Omori Walkthrough Guide: Part Two

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Omori Walkthrough Guide Part Two

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Part Two Gameplay Video
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Welcome to part two of my Omori walkthrough gameplay guide! I didn’t get too much of a chance to play as much Omori as others have on Christmas. My Christmas was relatively busy, and I’ve been awake for a long time now, so I figured I would continue GameDom’s Omori guide series and record another video to go along with it.

Omori Video Game Scene Mari Picnic

We start off by leaving the safety of Mari’s picnic and speaking to Berly, who tells you she has big plans today.

Omori Video Game Scene Leaving Mari Picnic

After she tells you she has big plans, she kind of leaves you in suspense and allows you to walk away before yelling at Omori, wondering where they’re going. You didn’t say anything!

Omori Video Game Scene Directions Please

Berly wants to play a game of hide-and-seek, but Aubrey is having none of it. Unfortunately, it’s not really up to you.

Omori Video Game Scene Hide And Seek

After the playground falls into the hands of a dictator, Berly has an effective straw system in place that, obviously, falls, means the main character is chosen. What if I wanted to hide? I’d be good at it.

Omori Video Game Scene Found You

Omori Video Game Scene Left Alone

Omori Video Game Scene Getting Group Together
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Hey, there is BASIL!

After finding almost everyone, you’ll need to find a lump of sand with a straw sticking out of it to find Berly. That’s when Berly rounds everyone up for a headcount, where they all realize we haven’t found Basil. This is when you have your first boss encounter with a boss literally named “BOSS.”

Omori Video Game Scene Challenge
Omori Video Game Scene Exiled From Park

Boss is angry that he was exiled from the park by Berly, and for some reason, is taking it out on poor Basil. After Basil’s flower crown was thrown to the ground, the kids jumped into action.

Omori Video Game Scene Emotions Fight Or Run

You start with this beautifully drawn boss fight. There’s not much to it as it’s scripted to end a certain way, so you can use this time to get acclimated to the battle menu.

Omori Video Game Scene Body Slam Emotions

After a certain point, Boss unleashes his special move that runs a train on everyone’s face except for Omori and turns them into toast. Literally: toast.

Omori Video Game Scene Body Emotions You Are Toast

After the battle, Basil shows just how wholesome he is by forgiving Boss, but Boss is so ashamed he goes back into hiding.

Omori Video Game Scene In Hiding

Now it’s time to go south towards Basil’s house, but not before being stopped by a talking mailbox.

Omori Video Game Scene Mailbox

Aubrey tries to warn you that talking to a mailbox is not the best idea. We don’t talk to strangers, right? Fortunately, this mailbox which has a pair of glowing eyes coming out of it just peddles wares to children.

Omori Video Game Scene Talking To Mailbox

You won’t have a lot of clams at first, so don’t worry about picking up everything. I just picked up one of everything (except for the present) and made my way south.

Omori Video Game Scene Directions

After talking to the mailbox, you leave the park and go straight to a signpost. Apparently, Basil’s house is so important it has its own sign.

Omori Video Game Scene Looking For SignPost

Omori Video Game Scene Battle System
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – HERO Gave You The Foe Facts! Journal.

The path towards Basil’s house is where we finally learn more about the battle system in Omori.

Omori Video Game Scene Emotion Impact

Omori Video Game Emotions System

Omori’s battle system is based on emotions. For example, being sad increases defense. This makes sense; if you’re in the pits, nothing can hurt you. Wow, Omori hits

Omori Video Game Battle System Overview

The party does a good job of explaining it before the battle starts. However, it was still a little confusing to me, but I’ll pick up on it eventually.

Omori Video Game Picnic

After going through the forest, you’ll make your way into a clearing where Mari set up another picnic. Don’t ask how she beat us there or how she went through that forest of emotional sprouts without us noticing. Mari definitely has something going on.

Omori Video Game Save

But at least you can save with her.

To continue – Part Three Of Omori Walkthrough.

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