Omori Walkthrough Guide: Part Three

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Omori Walkthrough Guide Part Three
Omori Walkthrough Guide Part Three

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I was really sleepy when I was playing through this part of Omori, but I still powered through it. I’m playing through two different files at the moment, one for my video gameplay and one for my written one. I’m playing through my video series as my initial playthrough of the game because I wanted my reactions to be more genuine when I came across situations.

However, it only makes me look like I’m bad at video games. I promise that’s not the case; I’m just a little slower than most to pick up on things because of my ADHD.

Omori Video Game Park Scene 001

After saving in the forest leading down to Basil’s house, we encountered a Ye Old Sprout guarding Basil’s forest grove entrance.

Omori Video Game Energy Overview 002

The purpose of this fight is to teach players the energy system. In the video series, this was something I didn’t understand at first. It took me a while before I finally figured it out, despite Hero telling it to me word-for-word in this tutorial fight.

Omori Video Game Self-Help Guide 003

Fortunately, they give you a self-help guide that I probably won’t read until I completely flub my way through the game. Honestly, I’m starting to feel a bit of imposter syndrome at this point.

Omori Video Game Say Cheese Dialogue 004
Say cheese!
Omori Video Game Aubrey Stop Pushing 005

Once you’re inside the forest grove with Basil’s house, Aubrey and Kel go at it again after Basil takes a blurry photo of the group. This causes Basil to fall over and lose his photographs.

Omori Video Game Hero In Photo Album 006

Omori Video Game Basil Photo Album 006

That’s when everyone goes inside to put the photographs back into the photo album. However, upon leaving, a photograph drops out of the album. This triggers a scene that might scare some people, so be prepared for a little scare here.

Omori Video Game Basic Show Album 007

Omori Video Game Basil No Dialogue 008

Omori Video Game Moments For Disaster 009

I was not prepared for this scene. It gets worse after this moment. This picture was taken moments before disaster. However, I won’t spoil it for you. All I have to say is, it caught me completely off guard.

Trigger Warning: While it is a cute pixel game, the following depicts self-harm/suicide. Please continue at your own discretion.

Omori Video Game Back Into the Withe Space Again 010

You’re thrust into the white space again. This time, there is no door. You’ll click through everything again, and the cat says a couple of things differently, but ultimately is no help. The first time I played through this, I walked around wondering if there was an item I needed to pick up. It wasn’t until I opened the menu that I saw something very disturbing.

Omori Video Game Stab How Disturbing Scene 011

There is an option for you to stab, and when you click it, your only choice is to stab Omori. I was reluctant to do it at first.

Omori Video Game Stab Who Disturbing Scene 012

Unfortunately, after running around the white space again, hoping I wouldn’t have to choose this option. I ended up standing next to the laptop, taking out the knife, and letting Omori stab himself. This triggered a cutscene with a person who is clearly Basil, but in an alternate world.

Maybe it’s the real world?

Omori Video Game Final Scene 013

We’ll have to wait and see.

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