Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Sixty-Seven: Finding Aubrey

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Omori Walkthrough Guide - Part Sixty-Seven Finding Aubrey
Omori Walkthrough Guide - Part Sixty-Seven Finding Aubrey

There’s one day left in Omori’s Sunny route, and there’s still so much to do in Faraway Town. If you follow the Sunny route in Omori, you have to do the events in Faraway town, unlike the Hikikomori Route, where you can skip Faraway Town entirely.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - Breakfast in the kitchen

After Sunny wakes up, head down to the kitchen where Kel and Hero are enjoying breakfast.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - Munch munch Who could that be KEL

After Kel eats all the bacon, the doorbell rings.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - KEL - Pwwwwahhhh It is you
Omori Walkthrough Guide - Eeeewwwwww What is all this What the heck KEL

Kel runs to check who is at the door to Sunny’s house and starts to scream.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - KIM It is just It is Aubrey
Omori Walkthrough Guide - KIM She is not answering her door or her back door

It’s Kim. If Kim is at Sunny’s house, then something is serious. It seems something is distressing Aubrey, and they’ll have to put their differences aside for Aubrey’s sake.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - Do you want to high five KEL

Head out and high five Kel for an achievement.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - HERO It looks like the door was open

Head down to Aubrey’s house, where the rest of the scooter gang is gathered out of concern for Aubrey. After knocking twice, Hero realizes the door is open.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - Aubreys Mom
Omori Walkthrough Guide - You got TRASH
You got TRASH!

Go inside Aubrey’s house to see that it’s a complete mess. Aubrey’s mother is sitting on the couch and speechless. She does not interact with you. Pick up any trash with flies flying around to sell them later.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - You got more TRASH
You got TRASH!

After going into Aubrey’s hallway, there’s more trash. One room is blocked, and there’s nothing in the bathroom to the right. To get to Aubrey’s room, you’ll have to climb the ladder.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - HERO - I have been hearing things

After confronting Aubrey, Hero does what he does best and deescalates the situation with his charm.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - AUBREY - It is no use now

Hero notices the missing photos on Aubrey’s board.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - There are photos missing from her photobook

Now’s the chance to fill the photo album with all of the pictures of Mari.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - Do you want to look through the PHOTO ALBUM

There’s a lot of pictures of Mari, so be ready to spend about 5-10 minutes putting the pictures in the right place.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - Again - Do you want to look through the PHOTO ALBUM

After you’re done with the pictures, you can look through the photo album.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - MARI and HERO look so happy

I suggest doing so if you’re invested in the story.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - Aubrey - I am sorry guys
Omori Walkthrough Guide - HERO - Alright Apologies accepted

After some apologies, the group decides that it’s time to find Basil.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - AUBREY - Kim I am good

Aubrey comes out and lets her gang know she’ll hang out with them tomorrow, but she has more pressing concerns.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - HERO - Do you smell that

I went towards the church. On the way there, you can do a small side-quest where you help a family prepare for a party.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - Do you want to leave flowers at this grave

Now, with Hero and Aubrey, you can make your way to Mari’s grave to pay your respects.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - Do you want to have a picnic with MARI

Hero makes an emotional speech before you have the option to have a picnic with Mari.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - OLD BEARDY - The spirits have been howling all day

As you head out, talk to Old Beard, who will give you some uncomfortable foreshadowing.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - POLLY - I am afraid BASIL is not at home right now

Now, it’s time to head over to Basil’s house. Run out of the church and all the way to the right until you get to Basil’s block. When you knock on the door, Polly will tell you that Basil’s in the hospital. Where do you go from here? Find out in the next part of our Omori Sunny Route Walkthrough Omori Guide – Part Sixty-Eight.

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