Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Sixty-Nine: The Stump And The Treehouse

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Omori Walkthrough Guide – The Stump And The Treehouse

We’re continuing through the Sunny Route of Omori by returning to Sunny’s house, where Kel, Aubrey, and Hero all want to head to the treehouse behind Sunny’s house.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Sunny Living Room

After heading inside the house, the group will reminisce a bit inside of Sunny’s living room before Kel heads into the backyard. This will be the player’s first venture into the backyard in the game if you’re on the Sunny Route.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – HERO KEL and AUBREY will talk around the stump
That… That day was really busy. In the morning, I went out with Mom to buy some nice clothes and shoes. We spent all day shopping and didn’t get home until the afternoon.

Hero, Kel, and Aubrey will talk around a stump. This the parallel of the stump in the dream world. You’ll also notice the pinwheels to the side, which is where the Pinwheel Forest comes from in Omori’s dreamworld.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – HERO - Let us keep on going
… Hey, guys… Let’s… Let’s keep going.

After a bit of reminiscing over the stump. The group decides to head to the treehouse. Go towards the entrance you see just above the stump to go into another clearing.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – The Forest Treehouse

Once you’re in the clearing, you’ll see the treehouse.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Inside the forest treehouse

Climb into the treehouse to see a room similar to the Neighbor’s Room in Omori’s dreamworld. You’ll see a lot of the same items from the cat to the television. We’re still not sure what the snake represents in Omori’s dreamworld.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Photo of the Omori gang in treehouse

If you click on the photo on the treehouse wall, it’ll show a picture of everyone.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Do not forget it is in the toy box key

However, on the back is a key taped down with a note that says “Don’t forget it’s in the toy box.”

Omori Walkthrough Guide – You put the TOY BOX KEY in your pocket
You put the TOY BOX KEY in your pocket.
Omori Walkthrough Guide – Aubrey - Now the PHOTO ALBUM is complete again
There… Now the PHOTO ALBUM is complete again.

After putting the toy box key in your pocket, the group will sit around the photo album. You can put the photo from the wall into the photo album to complete it.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – AUBREY - Put the pinwheel on the stump

However, this sends Aubrey running out of the treehouse and back to the stump. She takes a pinwheel and places it on the stump.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – AUBREY - I could not believe it
I couldn’t believe it… He had even blacked out MARI’s face…

Finally, Aubrey opens up about her struggles and why she distanced herself from the group after Mari’s death.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Sharing a sentimental moment

After talking for a little bit, the group gives Aubrey a hug and they share a sentimental moment.

Where do you go from here? Find out in Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Seventy.

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