Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Sixty-Eight: Exploring Faraway Town

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Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Sixty-Eight Exploring Faraway Town
Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Sixty-Eight Exploring Faraway Town

Since Polly let Sunny, Hero, and Aubrey know that Basil was visiting his grandmother in the hospital in Part Sixty-Seven, the group decides to explore Faraway Town a bit.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Crossing the road towards Faraway Town

There’s a lot you can do around Faraway Town before you ultimately end back up at Sunny’s house. There’s a black cat on the street as you head up to Faraway Park.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – You got TRASH

If you go to Faraway Park, there’s more trash for you to pick up and sell for a little coin.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – We are at a beautiful picnic but forgot MEAT

If you want even more money in Omori, you can talk to Kel’s Dad, who is having a picnic. He’ll ask you to run to Faraway mart to grab some meat and hands you $20.

Fortunately, the meat isn’t very expensive, so you can pocket the change.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – At a pond with a tiny island in it

Run up to the group’s secret hideout, where you’ll see Basil and Sunny. As you approach the two, they’ll disappear. It’s obvious this was just a memory.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Pretty Boy Is that a pet rock

You can also speak to the Pretty Boy to play Clash with your pet rocks.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Aubrey - Hold on a second I want to buy a drink

Walking down to the vending machine in front of Faraway Park triggers a cutscene that explains the Faraway Town parallel of the Orange Oasis in the dream world.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Do you want to read comics with your friends

If you run over to Hobeez with Aubrey, Hero, and Kel, you get a small scene with the friends reading a comic book.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – You got Flower Clip

If you go to the hardware store, you’ll find Charlie all the way in the back. He will give you a Flower Clip charm. Remember, the charms don’t do much in the real world except give you something to equip.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Exploring Faraway Town

As you’re exploring Faraway town, you can go down the block across from Sunny’s block.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Sunny Block of houses

You’ll see a house with a red door. You can go inside.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Entering the house with the red door

Once you’re inside, dream world’s Orange Oasis, you’ll see a house similar to Sunnys. Except this house has a more Asian theme.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – A yoga mat - Yoga is good for you as it strengthens the connection

There’s even a Yoga room inside.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – The Yoga Room

If you go upstairs to the bedroom, you’ll see a picture.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Picture on the first floor

This photo is of Aubrey and Kim.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – HERO - It looks like the sun is about set

After you’ve finished exploring Faraway Town, it’s time to head back to Sunny’s house. There’s a save basket outside, and Hero will even prompt you to make sure you’re ready to proceed.

Want to know what happens next? Find out in Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Sixty-Nine.

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