Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Seventy-One: Hospital Endings

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Omori Walkthrough Guide – Hospital Endings
Omori Walkthrough Guide – Hospital Endings

We are finally at the point in Omori where the path splits, and we decide whether we do the neutral or the hospital endings with the Sunny route. For this guide, we will do the Sunny route’s Hospital Ending. There are two hospital endings with the Sunny route:

  • The good ending
  • The bad ending

The good ending is the true ending of Omori’s Sunny Route. This is the intended ending that wraps up the story of the game. If you water all of Basil’s plants in the Dream World each time you pass them, you also get a secret ending after the game’s true ending. If you want to find out how to get to the true hospital ending in Omori’s Sunny route, then continue reading.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – KEL - Sleeping in front of the television

After a short conversation with the group, Hero, Kel, and Aubrey fall asleep in the living room.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – KEL - Falling asleep
Omori Walkthrough Guide – AUBREY - Sleeping in front of the television
Omori Walkthrough Guide – Falling asleep

After a short cutscene showing the friends falling asleep, the transition to White Space begins.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Everything is going to be okay
Omori Walkthrough Guide – BASIL - Eyes staring at hi

Some dialogue will pop up on the screen with Basil surrounded by Something’s eyes as they stare at him.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Entering White Space

After that short scene, Omori emerges into White Space. However, he’s not in his normal space when he comes in. Walk up to get back to the little White Space room.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Now entering the white space room

However, when you arrive at White Space, another Omori stands there.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Omori is already in the white space room

This Omori doesn’t say anything.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – A Sketchbook - Take a look inside
A sketchbook. Take a look inside?
Omori Walkthrough Guide – The Sketchbook is almost empty

If you try looking through the sketchbook, it’s almost completely empty. You can’t even click on the laptop as it’s static. There’s also no option to stab yourself in White Space after Basil’s house, so what do you do?

Omori Walkthrough Guide – A lightbulb hangs from the ceiling - Do you want to destroy it
A lightbulb hangs from the ceiling. Do you want to destroy it?

You can explore White Space a little bit, but the main thing to do here is to click on the black light bulb. It will ask if you want to destroy it.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Destroy the lightbulb

When you click yes, Omori will finally grab the lightbulb off of the wire and smash it onto the ground. Smashing the lightbulb will kick off a series of events explaining what happened between Basil, Sunny, and Mari that lead to her death. This will lead to the point where you decide to move on to the different endings of the game, but which decision will you make?

Find out in the Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Seventy-Two.

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