Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Seventy-Four: The Hospital Room

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Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Seventy-Four The Hospital Room
Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Seventy-Four The Hospital Room

Welcome back to our Omori walkthrough through Sunny’s Route. We took an extended break from writing Omori guides, but we are back to finish Sunny’s Route. For those who aren’t aware, we are going for the “good ending” in Omori’s Sunny Route. But we’re still working our way there. First, we need to continue through Omori’s nightmare.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Omori nightmare

After seeing the shadowy figure move on into the next room, it’s time to move Omori through the rest of his nightmare. As soon as you move Omori to the next area, you’ll enter a somewhat morbid hospital room.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – The Hospital Room

As you maneuver your way through the hospital room in Omori’s house, you’ll find photos scattered everywhere. The photos look like Mari, Sunny, and Basil. Continue collecting the photos as they each tell a story in succession.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Back to Omori nightmare
Omori Walkthrough Guide – Back to Omori nightmare 3

You can interact with various objects in the room. You can walk up to the bodies laying in the hospital bed, but some of them are not breathing.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – This person is not breathing

Continue moving through the hospital room and clicking on the different beds that have bodies in them.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – The door is locked

Don’t try to leave the room. It might get frustrating walking around this hospital room in Omori’s house, but you have to keep trying until you find the right bed.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – You can see three kids and one toast

The glowing red boxes near the entrance of the hospital room are televisions. Clicking on the televisions will give you the message, “you see three kids and one toast.” We’re assuming the three kids are the three friends and the toast is “Mari.” At this point, we know Mari is dead, but we need to know why.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Mari is toast or dead

However, why Mari died in Omori will soon be answered by collecting more photos.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – This person is breathing steadily

Once you’re finished collecting all the photos in the hospital room, continue clicking around the beds until you find one that is breathing steadily. Who is this? Could it be Mari? Will we find out what caused Mari’s death in Omori? Find out more in our upcoming Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Seventy-Five.

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