Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Seventy: Back To Basil’s House

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Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Seventy - Back To Basil’s House
Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Seventy - Back To Basil’s House

Are you stuck on Omori and need to know what to do? This Omori Walkthrough Guide covers the Sunny route and does the true ending of the game, which is one of the hospital endings. Now that the group has finally reconciled with Aubrey, it’s time to head down and see if Basil is back home. Remember, Basil went to the hospital to visit his grandmother, and Polly let Sunny, Kel, Hero, and Aubrey know he would possibly be back later in the day.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Walking back to Basils House

Head back through Sunny’s house and down the block. If you leave back towards the intersection in Faraway town, you’ll see Basil’s grandmother in the middle of the street.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – Basils grand is standing in the middle of the road

However, she slowly disappears. This isn’t a good sign. This could indicate that she has since passed, and Basil might be mourning.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – POLLY - Thank goodness you guys came back

The signs aren’t good when you head back to Basil’s house, and Polly comes out concerned. She’s thankful that the group has returned as something is wrong with Basil. If watching Basil’s grandmother disappear was any indication, Basil is not in a good place.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – HERO - Is there anything we can do to help

Polly tells the group that Basil has locked himself in his room and isn’t saying a word. Hero tries first with his charm.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – HERO - This time we will stay together

Unfortunately, even with Hero trying to help, it doesn’t get Basil out of the room.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – AUBREY - Will you please say something

Even Aubrey tries to talk to Basil to see if there’s anything they can do to help.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – POLLY - Of course you can stay over

Hero suggests that the group stay the night so they can be available if Basil needs help.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – The friends will gather for food and watch television

Head back out to the living room and click on the couch where the friends will gather for food and watch television.

Omori Walkthrough Guide – The friends will watch television till late
Omori Walkthrough Guide – HERO - We will always be friends

Once nighttime rolls around, the group will have one of their final discussions in the game. Keep in mind that, from here, the paths will diverge depending on the ending you want. That’s why I suggest saving at the picnic basket in the kitchen before proceeding. How do you get the different endings in Omori at this point?

Find out in Omori Walkthrough Guide – Part Seventy-One.

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