Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Twenty

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Twenty
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Twenty

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Now that we know that Kel isn’t a ghost (or is he? We don’t even know with the way this game just throws things in your face), he convinces us that we need to go to a store named Hobbeez.

Omori Video Game Kel Let Go To Hobbeez 001

There’s also a convenient picnic basket right outside of Sunny’s house. (We’ll just call him Sunny because it’s the default name, even though we’ve renamed the boy in our file “Jason”).

Omori Video Game Kel Do Not Walk In The Street 002

If you try stepping out into the street, Kel will tell you it’s too dangerous.

Omori Video Game Kel Hold Up Jason 003

Omori Video Game Kel Place 004

If you try to enter Kel’s house, you’ll notice he doesn’t want you in there. Is he hiding something? We’ll have to see.

Omori Video Game There Is No Reponse 005

Unlike other JRPGs, where you can just waltz into other people’s houses, a lot of them are locked.

Omori Video Game Walking On The Street 006

Omori Video Game Jason Town Plaza Hobbeez 007

You’ll come out to a street where, no matter where you go, Kel will tell you it isn’t the time. He’s in a hurry to get to Hobbeez. You might as well just do as he says.

Omori Video Game Out Of The Way Nerds 008

However, if you try to go left at the bottom of the street, you’ll see a gang of child bikers roll by. Who could they be?

Omori Video Game Faraway Park 009

Once you finally get over Kel’s insistence on going NOrth, you run into Faraway park. You can enter the park, and Kel won’t have any issues with it. Okay? You were in a hurry to get to Hobbeez; why not bother us about exploring a park?

Omori Video Game Exploring Faraway Park 010

Especially a park with a lot of hobos living in it. Pick up the trash; you’re going to need it for some pocket change.

Omori Video Game Faraway Park Trash 0

When you’re walking through the real-life park, you’ll see something interesting. You’ll see some of the creatures from Berly’s playground hanging around, but if you approach them…

Omori Video Game Faraway Park Playing 012

…they disappear. I wonder if Sunny is starting to lose his connection to the dream world? We’ll have to see.

Omori Video Game Faraway Park Reduce Reuse Recycle Recycultist 013

Omori Video Game Faraway Park Old Lady 014

There’s nothing much else you can get from the park (at this point) except for a bunch of people who are really into recycling. This sounds similar to what you experienced in the Otherworld. Maybe it’s the Otherworld because Sunny sees anything outside as a completely different world? Whoa, we just blew our own minds.

Omori Video Game You Got Trash 015

When you get to the plaza, don’t go into Hobbeez yet (despite Kel’s insistence to do so). Walk around the plaza area and collect trash. Turn it in for money. You’re going to need it when you eventually get into the big market in the middle.

Omori Video Game Hobbeez Gino Marketplace 016

Before you walk into Hobbeez, take a look at what’s standing up top. Is it a cardboard cutout or the Captain Spaceboy? It looks like a cardboard cutout to us, but we also saw some of Berley’s playground’s creatures at Faraway Park, so, you never know what we’ll see once we go inside.

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