Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Twenty-Two

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In this part of the walkthrough, the main character is going to pick up some part-time jobs, and it’s going to range from hilariously dumb to just straight dumb.

Video Game Omori Pizza Man Help Wanted 001

The first thing you’ll want to do is enter Gino’s pizza shop. Talk to all of the NPCs before you go up to the counter. You’ll also want to put the CD you found in Hobbeez into the jukebox. After you’ve clicked on everything (yes, we’re going to keep pushing this habit until you make it a habit), click on the job board in front of the counter.

Video Game Omori Pizza Man Gave Pizza Notes 002

Kel will leave and wait for you to accept your first job in years as a pizza delivery boy instead of following him to the park. The world has to wait for you to deliver pizzas. You’re doing a service here. Unfortunately, the only people who ordered pizzas were the regulars. Since they’re regulars, they don’t have their addresses written down, only horribly illegible notes about where they are.

Video Game Omori Pizza Notes 003

Video Game Omori Failed To Deliver Pizza 004

After trying to decipher the first note, we went to someone’s house who stole our pizza because we thought it was free.

Video Game Omori Second Pizza Note Delivery 005

Video Game Omori Wrong Pizza Delivery 006

Video Game Omori Vega Pizza Delivery 007

Video Game Omori Second Failed Pizza Delivery 008

After trying to read the second note, we ran into an angry vegan, and another angry neighbor before the pizza was stolen by someone who wasn’t the person who ordered.

Video Game Omori Third Pizza Note 009

Video Game Omori Stranger Snatched Pizza 010

We were given a third note that we didn’t even care to try to read because, at this point, we were 100% sure there was no way to win this little part-time job side quest.

Video Game Omori Pizza Man Customer Satisfaction Zero 011

After getting a horrible rating of 0/10 (which we think was the only one you could get), you get paid anyway and are given a CD to throw into the jukebox. Listen to it for a fun little Easter Egg.

Video Game Omori FixIT Buy Flowers For Important People 012

Go into the hardware store next. For a hardware store, it’s kind of weird that they only sell flowers. This hardware store is also hiring part-time help. This one is a little tedious and annoying.

Video Game Omori FixIT Guy Flowers On Display 013

Basically, all you have to do is take the tools and put them on the right shelves. It’s a lot of unnecessary running around and a complete waste of about five to ten minutes.

Video Game Omori FixIT Guy Snore Snore 014

Even the guy at the counter fell asleep. However, you do get a little money out of it.

Video Game Omori Kel Play Basket Ball In Park 015

He even tells you he went to the park for some basketball. So why do we need to go back there a third time?

Video Game Omori Flow Store Overview 016

If you go back to the hardware store’s greenhouse section, you’ll see something interesting at the flowers. We weren’t fast enough to take a screenshot but, trust us, it’s interesting.

Video Game Omori Pharmacy Buy Bandage 017

After you’re done at the hardware store, walk into the supermarket where there’s a pharmacy to the left, and a candy store to the right.

Video Game Omori Caramel Apple Smiley Time 018

You can purchase a couple of things from here. We’re not sure what the candy is for, but they are cheap, and we worked very hard to earn this money.

Now, it’s finally time to follow Kel to the park…again.

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