Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Twenty-Three

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Twenty-Three
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Twenty-Three

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This part of our Omori walkthrough playthrough is shocking. Shocking revelations all around. Coming back to the real-world and seeing all these parallels with Omori’s dreamworld was certainly not something we were expecting to see. We’ve already met with Kel, and we know of the existence of Hero, but where are Basil, Aubrey, and Mari?

Omori Video Game Kel That Is Basil 001

With Basil, you don’t have to worry too much about looking very far for him. Kel was so determined to go back to the park with Sunny because Basil was there. He didn’t know, and Basil certainly wasn’t there when Kel went back to the park a second time while Sunny was doing the annoying side-quest in the hardware store.

Omori Video Game Kim High And Mighty 002

If you explored a bit before going to the Plaza, when Kel was being annoying about visiting Hobbeez, you’d have seen a gang of biking kids rolling by. When you return to Faraway Park after Hobbeez, you’ll find these kids bullying Basil. The shocking revelation here is: these biker kids are led by none other than Aubrey!

Omori Video Game Kim Aubrey Boss Around 003

Omori Video Game Aubrey 004

Omori Video Game Aubrey Leave It Kel 005

Aubrey is nothing like she is in Sunny’s dream. She’s a hardcore bully who has no problem picking on other kids with a baseball bat full of nails. She is hardcore.

Omori Video Game What Will Jason And Kel Do 006

Omori Video Game Aubrey Is That A Knife 007

However, fighting in the real-world is nothing like fighting in Sunny’s dream, and for some reason, he still has his steak knife.

Omori Video Game Steak Knife 008

One slash from Sunny’s steak knife, and Aubrey is down for the count. She isn’t dead, but she’s injured with a knife wound.

Omori Video Game Kel Took Away Steak Knife 009

It’s so disturbing that Kel has to take the steak knife away after the biker kids rush Aubrey off to get medical attention. To be fair, she did have a baseball bat full of nails, so, Sunny could claim self-defense.

Omori Video Game On The Road Again 010

Omori Video Game Kel There Is Basil House 011

With Basil not feeling safe about walking home alone in fear the biker gang will retaliate, he asks Sunny and Kel to bring him home. How intense are the children in this neighborhood? No wonder Sunny became a recluse. After Basil joins the party, go diagonal and south from where Sunny and Kel’s block is. You’ll notice a monster from the Otherworld that disappears. It seems Sunny is still seeing things from his dream.

Omori Video Game Basil Please Do Not Go 012

Omori Video Game Basil Photo Album 013

Omori Video Game Kel Aubrey Stole Your Photo Album 014

Omori Video Game Kel Check Faraway Park For Clues Photo Album 015

After bringing Basil all the way back to his house, he claims Aubrey stole his photo album and Kel (again) wants to head back to Faraway Park (is this the only place of note in this whole town?).

Omori Video Game Artist Piece Is Missing 016

Instead of heading straight to Faraway Park, you can explore the town a little bit. There’s only maybe one or two houses that will even let Sunny and Kel in. Make sure you click on everything in case there are any interactions, achievements, or Easter eggs you don’t want to miss.

Omori Video Game Return To Paraway Park 017

Now, it’s time to head back to Faraway Park, for the fourth time in half an hour.

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