Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Twenty-Six

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Twenty-Six
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Twenty-Six

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After giving Kel a high five, it’s time to head over to Basil’s house to give him his photo album back. Be prepared to see some messed up stuff with Basil. I always knew something was going on with this kid.

Omori Video Game Kel Knock Kock Basil 001

Omori Video Game Basil Got Photo Album Back 002
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Gave Basil Back His Photo Album.

After the day Kel and Sunny had, it’s only natural that Kel is at maximum hype to get the photo album back to Kel. Don’t worry; you’ll get to look at it.

Omori Video Game Basil Her It Is 003

Omori Video Game Photo Album 004

Basil shows off the photo album (with some photos missing because, apparently, Aubrey kept some of her own). Make sure you click “read” to see some of the captions if you’re interested.

Omori Video Game Basil Why Are You Staring 005

Kel runs off to help Basil’s grandmother’s live-in nurse with cooking. This gives Sunny the opportunity to explore the house a little bit. You could also use Sunny to stare awkwardly at Basil. However, this was the first indication that something was amiss.

Omori Video Game Basil Grandma 006

After exploring a bit (and running around wondering why we’re not progressing with any scenes), you head back to the grandmother’s room, where you see a flower similar to the one you saw in the graveyard near Mari’s grave. See? This is why you click on everything.

Omori Video Game My Thoughts Will Follow You 007
Omori Video Game Basil Gave You His Photo Album 008
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Basil Gave You His Photo Album.

After you click on the flower and view the quote, Basil will walk in and give you the photo album. You’re moving away anyway; it’d be nice to keep photos of your childhood friends.

Omori Video Game Kel Everything Tastes So Good 009
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – KEL Everything Tastes So Good!

Omori Video Game Eating At Table 010

Sunny hears Kel call for them to come and eat the nurse’s food. After a brief conversation, Basil excuses himself. This is where things start to get very real.

Omori Video Game Everything Is Going To Be Okay 011

Follow Basil to the bathroom. Everything is dark, and you’ll see Basil speaking with an ominous font in the textbox. This is similar to the scene in Basil’s house in Omori’s dreamworld.

Omori Video Game Basil Something Behind You 012

Eventually, Basil will tell you that there’s something behind you.

Omori Video Game Basil There Is Still Something Behind You 013

Go to the mirror where you’ll get a scare. We won’t post it here, but it’s not something you haven’t seen already.

Omori Video Game Basil Do Not Leave Me 014

We always knew something was up with Basil, but we don’t know what this is about. What is going on with Basil?

Omori Video Game Kel Poor Guy 015

Omori runs out of the room. He and Kel party back up to head home. Obviously, most players will try to bring Kel to the bathroom to show him what Sunny just experienced. Unfortunately, Kel won’t go in because he thinks Basil is only having intestinal distress.

Omori Video Game Kel Good Night Jason 016
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Kel Goodnight, Jason.

Once you step out of Basil’s house. Head back to Sunny’s house, where Kel will wish you a good night.

Do we have to go inside?

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