Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Twenty-Nine

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Twenty-Nine

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It’s time for a bit of backtracking. I’m sure I need to go straight to wherever Sweetheart is holding her show, but I want to make sure I click on everything there is to click on.

Omori Game Guide Dog House 001

The first thing I did was head back to the Pinwheel Forest and explore. I went to the little grove with the doghouse (which was previously empty) to find a ghostly pup.

Omori Game Guide Would You Like To Pet The Dog 002
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Would You Like To Pet The Dog?

Omori Game Guide You Pet The Dog 003
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Pet The Dog

Of course, the first thing anyone should do when they come across a dog is to pet it. Don’t do this in real life to service animals or ones frothing at the mouth. After you pet the dog, it will give you an item.

Omori Game Guide Omori Reads A Sad Poem 004

Omori Game Guide What Will Aubrey Do 005
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – What Will Aubrey Do?

The next thing I did was head down to the Big Strong Tree to see if getting any stronger meant I could do any damage to it. I couldn’t. Even after leveling and getting battle-hardened through the Otherworld, I was still not ready for the tree.

Omori Game Guide Spelling Bee 006

I headed up to the train station after remembering I had the train pass in my hand. No matter what you do (and I know I’m contradicting myself because I tell people to click on everything), do not click on this bee. If you want to see the pain I accidentally put myself through twice (because I was clicking so fast I clicked again), then it’s your funeral.

Omori Game Guide Spelling Bee 2 007

You’ll see a side quest from a little lead sitting on a bench.

Omori Game Guide Leafie Bunnies 008

Omori Game Guide Leafie Hates Bunnies 009

This little leaf has an irrational hatred of bunnies (and that is an understatement).

Omori Game Guide Leafie Defeats A Few Bunnies 010

Omori Game Guide Leafie How Much I Hate Bunnies 011

Leafie hates bunnies so much he knows exactly how many bunnies you’ve slaughtered since you started Omori.

Omori Game Guide Leafie Make A Deal To Defeat Bunnies 012

He wants you to send five more bunnies to their grave. This isn’t difficult to do; all you need to do is walk outside and put five bunnies to the knife.

Omori Game Guide Leafie Make 22 Bunnies 013

Omori Game Guide You Got Cotton Ball 014
You got a COTTON BALL.

After coming back to Leafie, you’ll get a Cotton Ball, a charm that gives a decent speed increase.

Omori Game Guide Train Station Jash That Is A Train Pass 015

Omori Game Guide Board A Train 016
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Do You Want To Board The Train?

After showing it the train ticket, it lets you inside to board this ominous train surrounded by fog. Not creepy foreshadowing at all.

Omori Game Guide Boarding The Train 017

Omori Game Guide A Case Full Of Little Bones 018
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – A Case Full Of Little Bones.

Once you get on the train, you’re surrounded by what looks like spirits reading newspapers and their cases full of interesting items.

Omori Game Guide Still At The Train Station 019

Omori Game Guide Dark Train Station 020

As you move to the left, the lights will start to flicker. As you continue to move, the screen will go completely black before the party enters a nightmarish reality.

Omori Game Guide Completely Dark Train Station 021

Continue running to the left, and you’ll run across what looks like the ghost of a deer.

Omori Game Guide Train Station Ghost Of A Deer 022

During the battle, only Omori remains neutral, while the rest of the party is afraid. Unfortunately, you’re unable to calm them, so the only thing you can do is whittle this creature down while it apologizes to you with creepy text. I wonder what this was supposed to be?

Omori Game Guide Conductor Jash Orange Oasis 023

CONDUCTOR JASH : “Ladies and gents… We have arrived at out stop. Welcome to ORANGE OASIS, where the moon shines brighter.”

Omori Game Guide Train Station Toast 024
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – TOAST.

After defeating the ghost deer, the lights come back on and all the spirits are now toast.

This raised more questions than answered, to be honest.

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