Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Twenty-Four

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Twenty-Four

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It’s time to return to Faraway park to kick off a series of events that puts us in one big circle in the search for Aubrey. She is in possession of Basil’s photo album, so Kel and Sunny must work to get it back.

Omori Video Game Kel Hanging Out At Church 001

Before heading up to Faraway Park (where the story will inevitably continue), make sure you’re exploring everywhere. It’s nice knowing where everything is and getting text you won’t get after a certain point.

Omori Video Game Kel Aubrey Is Not Here 002

When you get to Faraway Park, everything looks relatively normal, except there’s someone new on the right side of the map. If you try talking to them, they really don’t have much to say, but they seem indifferent to everything.

Omori Video Game Angel Best Me In Battle 003

Eventually, Charlie, the big guy, shakes Angel out of the tree where someone was clearly hiding, and they challenge you to a battle.

Omori Video Game Kel Attacks Angel 40 Damage 004

Since Sunny doesn’t have his knife, his attacks are a bit weaker. Also, you’ll notice that he isn’t targeted at all. Kel is the only one who will take damage, so focus on using Kel to “encourage” Sunny to do more damage and keeping Kel’s heart up with bandages. Also, you don’t need to hurt Charlie; defeating Angel wins the battle for you.

Omori Video Game Kel Where Is Aubrey Angel 005

Omori Video Game Angel Tells Aubrey Is In Faraway Town 006

Angel is so upset by his loss that he tries to lie about the whereabouts of Aubrey.

Omori Video Game Kel Wet Your Bed At Summer Camp 007

However, after Kel threatens Angel by bringing up a certain memory he would rather wish to forget, Angel gives you a lead: go to the fountain at Faraway Plaza.

Omori Video Game Kel Old Lady Dispose Trash 008

Before you make your way to Faraway Plaza, make sure you turn in any trash you picked up around Faraway town so you can get a little extra money for bandages and first-aid kits.

Omori Video Game The Maverick 009

Omori Video Game Mikhael What Are You Doing 010

Omori Video Game The Maverick Prepare Your Doom 011

When getting into Faraway Plaza, you’re greeted by Mikhael, who is very vocal about being referred to as “The Maverick.” Whatever you want to call him, he’s going to give you a hard time.

Omori Video Game The Maverick Pitful Fool 012

Omori Video Game The Maverick Pitful FoolcBasketball 013

Kel becomes angry during the fight with the Maverick, meaning he’s going to do a lot more damage with his basketball throws, but he’s going to take more damage as well.

Omori Video Game The Maverick Takes 43 Damage 014

Omori Video Game The Maverick Final Form 015

The Maverick, while being a bad anime stereotype, has a lot of HP, so be prepared to take a couple of licks as Kel and spending some rounds guarding while Sunny keeps him up with bandages (you picked some up at the Pharmacy in the Othermart as we told you to do in the last walkthrough, right?)

Omori Video Game The Maverick Lend Me Your Strength 016

Omori Video Game The Maverick HiYa 017

Omori Video Game Girl He Is Lame 018

Omori Video Game Girl 2 Get Out Of Here 019

After revealing his true colors as a bad anime stereotype, the women he paid to be his personal escorts walk away. $10 to pretend to flirt with a guy who refers to himself as the Maverick? That was a personal choice ladies.

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