Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Twenty-Eight

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Twenty-Eight
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Twenty-Eight

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After coming back into the White Space, there’s nothing you really need to do first than wonder why you don’t have the C key (unless you backtracked to the Pinwheel Forest before confronting Space Ex-Boyfriend). Of course, there’s still a whole lot of game for you to accomplish, but knowing I missed a key will both me until I find it.

Omori Game Guide You Got 750 Clams 001
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got 750 Clams.

The snake in the friend’s room has got the hookup. Head out to the Forest Playground (I like to call it Berly’s Playground because she runs it with an iron fist).

Omori Game Guide Is That A Flower Puzzle 002
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Is That A Flower Puzzle?

Omori Game Guide Is That A Flower Puzzle For Me 003

The first thing I did (after a brief conversation with Mari) is to turn the Flower Puzzle into Daisy. She slips up and tells you exactly who it’s for, like we didn’t already know who she was talking about.

Omori Game Guide You Got A Diasy For Daisy 004
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got A DAISY From DAISY.

Omori Game Guide Equip A Daisy For Daisy 005

For all the trouble you went through to get the Flower Puzzle for her, this doesn’t seem like a terrible reward. I’m sure there are situations where you’ll want to have this.

Omori Game Guide Park No Reward In Flower Puzzle 006

Head over to Berly, who will have a quest marker above her head, and see what she will force you to do today.

Omori Game Guide Berly I Asked For Aubrey 007

She’ll ask Van to come over to get assaulted. However, it’s not Omori’s job; it’s Aubreys.

Omori Game Guide You Tagged Aubrey 008
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Tagged Aubrey.

Omori Game Guide Aubrey Hiyah 009

Omori Game Guide Aubrey Hiyah 2 0010

Tag in Aubrey to have her smack at Van for a minute or two while Berly goads her on.

Omori Game Guide Berly I Was Just Bored 0011

You find out there was really no point in doing this except to satisfy Berly’s boredom.

Omori Game Guide Aubrey That Is All 0012

Are we really surprised?

Omori Game Guide Sweethearts Quest For Hearts 0013

Head to the signboard in the park to see that Sweetheart is putting on a production. Exit the park to the north.

Omori Game Guide Sprout Mole 0014

Omori Game Guide Sprout Mole Waiting On 0015

Omori Game Guide Sprout Mole Front Row Show Tickets 0016

After you exit the park, you’ll come across four sprout moles having a loud conversation about attending Sweetheart’s show. Unfortunately, for them, they were so excited to get to the show that they ran into Omori and friends.

Omori Game Guide Omori Friends Fight Or Run 0017

Omori Game Guide You Got 8 Clams 0018

Omori Game Guide We Have The Show Tickets Front Row 0019

After a brief battle, Omori and friends now have show tickets. It seems kind of extreme to murder sprout moles and rob their corpses just for accidentally running into you.

Omori Game Guide Park Bench 0020

After committing highway robbery, I went south towards the Pinwheel Forest. I went straight to the only other place I haven’t explored yet: the other tall ladder. This doesn’t go to another world, but a floating island where the C key that has long eluded me sits on a bench.

Omori Game Guide Park Pinwheel Is Turning 0021

You’ll notice a platform where Kel can stand and a pinwheel that isn’t moving. Tag Kel in to throw something at the pinwheel to dislodge the item stuck inside of it.

Omori Game Guide Mari Fancy Seeing You Omori 0022

Head north, and you’ll see Mari has magically found her way up on the island. However, she’s not what you’re there for.

Omori Game Guide Kit Kid Just A Boy With A Kite 0023
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Kite Kid I Am Just A Boy With His Kite.

Omori Game Guide Kite Kid Do You Want To Disturb 0024

Quickly save, then click on the boy minding his own business and flying a kite. He’ll go on about the special bond that boys have with kites. That’s not super important because all you want to do is beat his face in for being a nerd.

Omori Game Guide Kite Kid Repairs Kids Kite 0025

Don’t do what I did and go for the kite first. It’s a waste of resources. He just repairs the kite. While it does mess up the party a bit, it’s best to focus him down.

Omori Game Guide Kite Kid Dark Void 0026

Omori Game Guide Kite Dark Kites 0027

After that, he goes on about his existential crisis before everyone flies their own disturbingly dark kites. Just smile and nod.

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