Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Twelve

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Twelve

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It’s time to continue our way through the Junkyard; you’ll find some interesting items here, an anxiety-inducing tutorial fight, and discovering Omori’s friend’s different abilities.

Omori Video Game Junkyard 001

Just like with any RPG, you have to make sure you click on everything that’s clickable. If it looks remotely clickable, just click it. That 0.0001 secs you’re wasting clicking on something that isn’t clickable could save you minutes in the future.

Omori Video Game Flower Puzzle 002
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Flower Puzzle

Case in point, a little after you enter the part of the Junkyard where you’ll need Aubrey’s ability, you will find the Flower Puzzle that Daisy back at Berley’s park was asking about during her sidequest. I wouldn’t run it all the way back to her just yet.

Omori Video Game Conveyer-bot 003

Omori Video Game Conveyer-bot again 004

Omori Video Game Hero Tag Me 005

After you find a flower puzzle, you’ll come across a robot that controls the conveyor belt. Some horrible memories of the Team Rocket area from the Pokemon games came flooding back to me. Fortunately, it isn’t that bad.

Omori Video Game Hero Ahem 006

Omori Video Game Change Converyor Belt Direction 007

Omori Video Game Converyor Belt Direction Changed 008

After you tag in Hero, you’ll see how he’s the epitome of Shojo anime male lead as he convinces the conveyor-bot to do his bidding.

Omori Video Game Converyor Belt Jumping 009

Omori Video Game You Got Ramen 010
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Ramen

Unlike the conveyor areas in the Team Rocket hideout in the Pokemon games, this one is relatively simple. It’s barely a puzzle. You’ll need to jump back onto the conveyor, then jump onto the smaller one to walk around the area after getting into the area with a ghost sitting there on a chair and minding his own business.

Also, and I don’t know why we need to say this but, don’t eat ramen out of a toilet.

Omori Video Game Conveyer Belt Scene 011

Omori Video Game Conveyer Belt Life Jam 012

After running down to a closed container, it starts to shake, revealing a ripoff Kool-Aid man bursting out of the container.

Omori Video Game Life Jam Guy 013

Omori Video Game The Power Of Life Jam 014

However, it’s not Kool-Aid man; it’s a horribly tactless salesman for Life Jam who assaults children to teach them the power of Life Jam.

Omori Video Game Life Jam Power 015

Omori Video Game Life Jam Benefits 016

Omori Video Game Life Jam Samples 017

After giving you a free sample of an ass-kicking, he heals your party members up and then lets you on your way. If it were up to me, we’d get the police here right away. Imagine if a baseball bat salesman demonstrated to a bunch of kids how hard the baseball bat was?

Omori Video Game Found Key 018

Omori Video Game Get Key 019

After the trauma of dealing with the Life Jam guy, you pick up the key (you’ll also see in the top-right corner of your game, a key) that you take all the way back to the locked portion of the Junkyard. It’s surprising that they’re not sifting through all these containers for a mixtape because, of course, Space Boyfriend’s special mixtape is all the way at the end of the Junkyard.

Omori Video Game Photo 020
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – A Photo Of Someone Familiar

Omori Video Game You Got Life Jam 021
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Life Jam

After walking through the inside of some containers, looking at a photo of “someone familiar,” and a traumatizing jar of life jam.

Omori Video Game Telephone Dial-up Call 022

After moving across the top of the containers and fighting more mixtapes and Dial-Up (Yes, I’m old enough to remember the horrors of dial-up internet), you come across a clearing.

Omori Video Game Roasted Chicken 023

Of course, who is in this clearing other than everyone’s favorite teleporting picnic sister: Mari. Mari has a perfectly-roasted chicken she made from trash (somehow). Eating it heals up the party. A save point in the middle of a quest area sounds very ominous, and we only wonder what lays beyond.

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