Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Thirty-Two

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Thirty-Two

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In this walkthrough, we’re going to do a bit of backtracking. Why? Because we need to make sure we don’t miss anything. I seem to remember a whole other side of the Otherworld I didn’t get to explore because the Venus flytraps in the area were doing a number on Omori and friends.

Omori Walkthrough A Regular Rock 001
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – A Regular Rock.

I know I could have gotten up to the Otherworld via Pluto, but I wanted to solve the mystery of where Hector went. I went to the bottom of the ladder and found a regular rock. I refuse to believe Hector went any further than this. Regardless, I still ran through almost the entirety of the Vast Forest to look for a rock. My only thought is, someone took it.

Omori Walkthrough Omori Gained 1 Heart 002
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Omori Gained 1 Heart.

I made my way down to Basil’s house after exploring the Pinwheel Forest. I noticed some of the flowers were a bit worse for wear, so I flowered them.

Omori Walkthrough Pinhweel Forest 003

I continued running down towards Basil’s house and saw nothing resembling a rock.

Omori Walkthrough Pinwheel Forest To Basil House 004

When I entered the grove where Basil’s house is, I got a bit of a chill entering a dying environment.

Omori Walkthrough The Floor Is Sinking 005
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – The Floor Is Sinking.

I stepped into Basil’s house to see the inside itself isn’t doing much better either. With me checking every inch of the forest. I decided to cut my losses and go up to the Otherworld. Not because I thought Hector’s rock fell up there (I don’t know how it would do that in the first place) but because there was an area I didn’t explore yet.

Omori Walkthrough Space Pirate Mate 006

When I made my way up to the Otherworld, the first thing I did was visit Captain Spaceboy’s ship. Apparently, he had left in a new one, and left some loyal crew members behind to tend to the old one. Sucks for them.

Omori Walkthrough Loamy AA

I made my way East towards the lake I didn’t explore. I found this… thing. I didn’t question it.

Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – A Message In A Bottle. Do You Want To Read It?

Omori Walkthrough Pizza Pie 009

I also made the unfortunate decision of clicking on this message in a bottle. I made the most neutral face I’ve ever made in real life.

Omori Walkthrough Path South 010

After exploring, I noticed a path that leads even further south (you have to defeat a Venus flytrap to clear the area).

Omori Walkthrough Path South 2 011

Omori Walkthrough Path South 3 Ice 012

You’ll find a bridge that leads into a small snowy area. Apparently, this is where you turn in your sno-cone ticket.

Omori Walkthrough SnoCone Heals A Friends Heart And Juice 013

You get one free sno-cone, but if you want any more, you have to visit Jash (who also runs a sno-cone shop?). But who has 5,000 clams on hand? I love you, Jash, but that’s extortion (and I’m pretty sure having a monopoly is illegal).

Omori Walkthrough Fishing 014

You can go ice-fishing with your friends. When we say ice-fishing, we really mean “Omori does all the work while everyone else watches.”

Omori Walkthrough Igloo 015

If you approach the igloo to the south, you’ll see a little ghost fly out. I’m not sure what the significance of this is.

Omori Walkthrough Cold Soup 016
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Cold Soup. But Why?

Omori Walkthrough A Cooler Full Of Ice 017
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – A Cooler Full Of Ice. But Why?

Omori Walkthrough Batteries 018
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Hmm…It Needs Batteries.

But if you go inside, you’ll see a lot of questionable things. Also, I think I recycled all of my batteries. I might have to scavenge through the junkyard again to see if I can find any. I have to go back in there to get to the joke board anyway.

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