Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Thirty-Six

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Thirty-Six

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Curse my curiously. I am the literal definition of “curiosity killed the cat.” I’m surprised I’m still alive after all these years with how I always get myself in predicaments due to my curiosity. You’ll see why.

Omori Walkthrough Quick Sand

See, what happened was, I thought, “Oh, look at this quicksand. I wonder what happens if I step into it.” I thought it was just an aesthetic of the oasis, but no, it was functioning quicksand.

Omori Walkthrough Underground Dungeon

It drops you into an underground dungeon where I continued to let my curiosity put me into dangerous situations.

Omori Walkthrough Frowny Face You Should Have Listened

There are clear arrows that lead to the exit, but there are also long hallways that go the other way. I wondered, “What happens if I go the other way?” I would be the worst person to follow lighted signs to an exit during a fire.

Omori Walkthrough Frowny Face You Should Have Listened 2

Of course, when I did go the other way, I ran into a frowny face that told me I should have listened. That’s when monsters spawn behind me.

Omori Walkthrough What Will Hero And Friends Do
Omori Walkthrough What Will Omori Do

That was the theme of this underground dungeon. I never learned my lesson either. There are at least three instances down here where you continue running into frowny faces who spawn monsters.

Omori Walkthrough Keep Walking Through The Sand
Omori Walkthrough Frowny Face You Should Have Listened 3

Despite the arrows getting longer, the frowny face continues to get disappointed by the fact that you won’t listen.

Omori Walkthrough Keep Walking Through The Sand 2
Omori Walkthrough Frowny Face Sorry Could Not Resist

There’s even a point where there’s a ridiculously long arrow where you don’t know which way the arrow points. It ends up being a troll job by the frowny face.

Omori Walkthrough Frowny Face You Did It
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Smiley Face “You Did It!”

Eventually, there’s nowhere to go but the end. I feel like I should be compensated for this. I just want to take Aubrey’s bat and smash a hole through this poster.

Omori Walkthrough Jelly Is Always Been So Loving And Caring
Omori Walkthrough Palmie Peanut And Jelly Are Always Giving Me The Strangest Gifts

When you come out, you’ll be in front of a peanut butter and jelly shaped house. There’s an elephant named Palmie and two children, Jelly and Peanut. Jelly gives you a side quest to find something to give to Palmie because of how caring she is. We were hoping it was a quick “look for an item in the house” quest, but that was not the case. We’ll have to put this in the recesses of our memories for now.

Omori Walkthrough Palmie Peanut And Jelly
Omori Walkthrough Donut Grandma I can Barely See Nowadays But I can Still make Out Some Shapes
Omori Walkthrough Donut Shapes House

You’ll enter a couple more themed houses along this little road. There’s a watermelon behind the donut-shaped one.

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