Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Thirty-Seven

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Thirty-Seven

I can only take so many fruits in one place. It’s just grapes, apples, and oranges.

Omori Game Game Fruits All Kinds
Omori Game Guide Blood Orange

If you go north after the unique row of food-inspired houses, you’ll see a lonely orange house overlooking a cliff. Despite an orange man offering a side quest behind it, go into the house first and look around. You’ll pick up a “Blood Orange” from the blue watermelon. This gives Kel a much-needed juice upgrade.

Omori Game Guide Orange Joe Throwin Oranges
Omori Game Guide Orange Joe Long Lost Brother

You sit there with a neutral face after walking back outside to talk to Orange Joe, who is throwing oranges into the recesses of space in hopes of finding his long-lost brother, “Oragne Joe.” Yes, my spell-check tried to fix that for me.

Omori Game Guide Orange Joe Orange Crest

He gives you an orange crest to give him if you ever run across his long-lost brother. Finally, we can stop groaning and head back south.

Omori Game Guide Crossant Upside Down

You’ll see a side quest with a croissant that’s flipped upside down.

Omori Game Guide Crossant Flip Over
Omori Game Guide Click On Crossant To Flip

Click on the croissant to flip it over. It doesn’t do anything, doesn’t even thank you, it just walks away. Is the side quest complete? We’ll have to ask Mari later if there’s a side quest still active with an ungrateful croissant.

Omori Game Guide You Got A Treasure Map
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got A Treasure Map

Continue exploring, and you’ll see a treasure map up on a cliff behind the Dino Dig pyramid.

Omori Game Guide Dino Dig

You’ll also see a dinosaur’s head sticking out of the Dino Dig pyramid with a side quest. I wasn’t able to click it. Maybe if we go inside?

Omori Game Guide Pluto Space Line

Also made a mental note of the tentacle next to the pyramid before going inside.

Omori Game Guide Dino Founder Of Dino Dig
omori Game Guide Dina Treasure Hunting
Omori Game Guide Ready To Enjoy The Fun And Excitement
Omori Game Guide DinoTastic

Once you go inside, you’ll see various dinosaurs with digging tools. The t-rex with the pickaxe is definitely the coolest one there. For 100 clams, he screams “DINO-TASTIC” in your face.

Omori Game Guide Choose Spoon You Like To Use
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Choose Which Spoon You’d Like To Use

Dino-Dig is a mini-game where you use spoons to dig up different items. For 100 clams a game, it’s a steal, really. However, I didn’t know about the spoons, so I went in with only five chances to dig. You can also progress to higher-level areas if you find a pyramid key.

Omori Game Guide Digging Boss
Omori Game Guide Victorious 2230 EXP

The annoying things in here are the monsters. They have insane amounts of health. They also keep themselves constantly happy. Even making Omori sad and stabbing these creatures to death took a couple more turns than I wanted. They do give a lot of experience, though.

Omori Game Guide Spoon Bites The Dust
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – And Another Spoon Bites The Dust …
Omori Game Guide Big Spoon Down
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Big Spoon Down!

Once your spoons break, the t-rex lets you know that your attempt is over and you have to leave.

Omori Game Guide Talk To Dinosaur Later

We’ll have to figure out the spoon situation later. We also couldn’t talk to this dinosaur with the side quest from the inside either. Guess I’ll head back out and try talking to it there.

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