Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Thirty-One

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Thirty-One

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Despite all the red flags that I should turn back and go back to the Oasis, I decided to try and explore this creepy spider forest even more.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Train 001

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Train Position 002

The first red flag was the fact that the monsters were hitting me like Tonka trucks. The second red flag was the fact I got into the cart to take a ride to the forest, only to get bounced all the way back. It was like a bad Disneyland ride. Walk back to where the track ends and cut through the spider web there and pick up the box of matches.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Massage Removes A Friend Or Foe Emotion 003

The second red flag was the fact that Hero is so afraid of spiders that there’s no way to pacify him, and I don’t have the items to do so with every battle. Every monster in the place is some type of spider.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Potted Plant Explodes 40 Damage 004

Did I mention they hit like Tonka trucks?

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Single Block Of Tofu 005

The only saving grace was seeing Mari’s picnic blanket. In a place that could use some sweets, she decides the best food here is a single tofu block. Nothing wrong with that; it’s healthy and fermented for a bad gut, but really?

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Stumbled On Show Tickets 006

Also, today I learned, Mari keeps track of your side quests. I never really spoke to her beyond the initial conversation when you first entered an area. This is helpful for me. I didn’t even know losing Hector kicked off a quest. This will significantly lengthen the game for me because I am a completionist.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Spiderwebs 007

If you go across the bridge to the left of Mari, you’ll come across an area with spiders crawling all over their webs. With the matchbox, you’ll light the candle at the center so you can cut through the webs.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Big Spiderwebs 008

However, if you take the wrong path, you’ll get jumped on by a big spider and sent back to the beginning. It’s all trial-and-error which path you’ll take. At least, that’s what I gathered; I’m not sure if the spider came after a certain amount of time or whatever, so I sprinted through, regardless.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay You Got Wooden Track 009
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got A Wooden Track.

Once you get to the end of the little forest area of spiders, you’ll come across the first wooden track.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Wooden Track Here 010

I filled in the first gap and continued into the forest.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Wooden Track 2 011

As I ventured deeper into the forest, I saw a bear standing by the water. It’s sprite looked like a nice NPC, but stepping up to it was a whole different story.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Rare Bear Slashes Omori 012

At my current level, this bear is brutal. It will one-shot everyone. I even tried to pacify it with Hero but, right now, it isn’t worth the fight.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Smels Like Bad Apples 013

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Aubrey How It Is Done 014

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Aubrey Strange Lump 015

Continue down the railroad to find a big lump of… something. I’m not sure what it is. Tag in the ever-so-optimistic Aubrey to have her try to smash the blocked path. Unfortunately, she is unable to do so. I think I need to backtrack a bit.

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