Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Thirty-Five

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Thirty-Five

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Omori Game Wiki Wait For Pluto Spaceline

After I spent the last thirty minutes crying about the bug that cost me about thirty to forty-five minutes of gameplay, I decided it was time to move on from the Otherworld. I’ll end up going back eventually, but I won’t chronicle it. I need to go back to do that scarecrow sidequest again, get the two joke boards, find Duckie Jr. again; it was a mess. That’s why I decided to hop onto Pluto’s Spaceline and forget my problems as I rode through the skies on a muscular dwarf planet.

Omori Game Wiki Tofu Conconnasisseur Trade Me 10 Tofu

I went from the cold, snowy environment of the Otherworld to the hot brown sugar “sands” of the Orange Oasis. I ran into the Tofu Conconnasisseur (is this a word?), who wanted ten tofu for a snack. I’m 100% sure this would not be worth it, but the completionist in me needed to see what I would get.

Omori Game Wiki Air Horn Who Would Invent This

I was hoping the mailbox would have the tofu I needed. Nope, it just had horribly overpriced items. I swear, the prices keep getting higher and higher with every mailbox I encounter. It’s ridiculous.

Omori Game Wiki Guy From The Train Station On Platform

I decided to move on without getting the tofu. I also saw the guy from the train station up on a platform where there was also a blue watermelon. I couldn’t figure out how to get up there.

Omori Game Wiki What Will Omori And Friends Do

The monster battles in Orange Oasis were interesting. The bunnies themselves didn’t do anything but flip around and let me beat them up with various items.

Omori Game Wiki Large Face I Have Hidden My Most Precious Belongings
Omori Game Wiki Large Face I smash My Face To Remember

I continued to explore the oasis, and came across a large face. I vaguely recall a pair in the Otherworld talking about a face in the wall as they were hiking. I might have to go back at some point because…

Omori Game Wiki This Looks Like A Job For Aubrey
Omori Game Wiki This Looks Like A Job For Aubrey 2

If you Switch to Aubrey, you’ll smash a hole through the wall (this poor guy’s hard work).

Omori Game Wiki You Got Jam Packets
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Jam Packets!

When you go inside you’ll find jam packets. These are useful if more than one party member is toast. Definitely keep this around for a harder battle.

Omori Game Wiki Toasts

We continued east where we found a canyon of nothing but toast.

Omori Game Wiki Nothing But Toasts

However, we also saw a stick figure man on fire. I turned to run after him.

Omori Game Wiki Sticky Man On Fire

I chased him and I chased him and I chased him. I even tried anticipating where he would go to try to interact with him but I couldn’t. I just chalked it up to a weird world experience and moved on.

Omori Game Wiki Toast Graves

However, there was really nothing to move on to. You come across a valley with toast graves sticking out of the ground. Clicking on them gives different musical notes. I’m sure they have some significance, but I couldn’t find any right away.

Omori Game Wiki You Got 100 Clams
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got 100 Clams!

I backtracked a bit to find a lonely cactus who just gives away clams. Thanks buddy, I’m going to need it because of the exorbitant prices these mailboxes are charging.

Omori Game Wiki No Password No Entry
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – No Password, No Entry

There’s also another one of these “no password, no entry” doors. The first one we ran into was in the Otherworld in the container with the moonwalking. I feel like these have significance. But we’ll figure it out later.

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