Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Thirty-Eight

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Thirty-Eight

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It’s time to stop messing around in the Orange Oasis, I know there are some side quests and other things to do there, but it’s somewhere I can go back to since it’s optional.

Omori Game Wiki Pyrefly Forest In Cart

I headed back to Pyrefly Forest and jumped into the cart, completely forgetting that I would get stopped somewhere halfway through and forced to ride the cart all the way back. I forgot I never finished the railroad track. I found one piece of the railroad track, so I could go further than I did last time, but I think I need to finish it to break my way further into Pyrefly Forest.

Omori Game Wiki Pyrefly Forest Try To Light Candle

Since I went to the left last time, I went to the right this time. There was a similar puzzle where I needed to light a candle and run to the end before getting caught by a spider. I didn’t know if the wrong way would get you caught by the spider or if you had to do it within a couple of seconds, but I was able to do it on my first try, compared to the other wooden track.

Omori Game Wiki Pyrefly Forest You Got Wooden Track
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got A Wooden Track.
Omori Game Wiki Pyrefly Forest Can Not Find Teddy Bear
Omori Game Wiki Pyrefly Forest Candlie Big Pink Castle

The NPC on the right with a side quest is looking for her Teddy Bear. She claims she lost it in a big pink castle, meaning I probably won’t see it until we make our way to Sweetheart’s Castle. A bear was standing by water the last time I went through here, but it was too hard for me to kill. I wonder if it’s related? I’ll have to check if I can’t find anything in Sweetheart’s Castle.

Omori Game Wiki Pyrefly Forest Massage Removes A Emotion
Omori Game Wiki Potted Plant Explodes Omori And Aubrey Took 40 damage

After picking up the wooden track, I did a little grinding to make sure I was ready for whatever Sweetheart’s Castle would throw at me. I forgot that Hero has a fear of spiders. He cannot do his massage ability to calm himself or do his follow-ups when he’s afraid. It also wasn’t worth trying to use up juice like Aubrey’s Team Spirit to make him happy so he can use his abilities. Also, equipping Hero with the Daisy (the one you get from the Flower Puzzle side quest) doesn’t start him off as happy. For now, Hero can just do whatever damage he can while the rest of the party carries him.

Omori Game Wiki Do You Want To Set Down A Wooden Track Here

I placed down the Wooden Track and thought that was all I needed. However, there was still one track piece missing.

Omori Game Wiki Bear What Will Aubrey Do
Omori Game Wiki Rare Bear Slashes At Kel Hit It Right In The Heart

I went back to the Rare Bear (wondering if this was the Teddy Bear the girl was looking for), but it ended up one-shotting Kel, so I decided to run. Apparently, I’m still not high enough for this.

Omori Game Wiki You Got Cat Ears
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Cat Ears!
Omori Game Wiki Cat Ears Gives You Catlike Reflexes

I went back down and noticed there was a blue watermelon behind a spider web that gave Cat Ears, I figured giving it to Kel would give him some more oomf behind his Run and Gun ability.

Omori Game Wiki Pyrefly Forest Going East

After carefully looking around, I could continue going east in the Pyrefly Forest. I wonder what happens if I go this way?

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