Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Thirteen

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Thirteen
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Thirteen

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It’s time to finish getting through the junkyard. Seeing Mari again, especially halfway through the Junkyard, made me think I was about to encounter an epic boss fight. However, that was not the case.

Omori Video Game Junkyard 001

When you leave the little area Mari has herself holed in; you’ll come across a maze of crates. Make sure you’re clicking one very item. Even something as small as a can is worth the second or two, it takes to pick it up.

Omori Video Game Kel Becomes Caught In Mixtape 002

Omori Video Game Hero Grew To Level 8 003

You’ll run into the usual monsters in the area. Don’t do what I did on one of my first playthrough guides and skip them. You’ll fall behind, and bosses will be a bit harder to handle. If you’re a bit behind like me, I suggest hanging around Mari’s picnic blanket and killing nearby monsters, leaving the area, and then returning, so they respawn.

Omori Video Game Junkyard 004

Make your way into a large clearing where you have to make a decision on which way to go. The big tall, imposing dark entrance made me assume this would continue the story, and you know me, I have to make sure I explore everywhere due to the anxiety of passing a point of no return, so I went left.

Omori Video Game Junkyard Gator Guy 005

There was absolutely no payoff to going left other than running into some gator guys being memes and blocking the entrance to an open container, so I left.

Omori Video Game Junkyard Rude Robot 006

When you walk up to the other entrance, you’ll encounter a rude robot who gets in your way. If you climbed the ladder to the left, you’ll have anticipated something was going to happen because you could see him.

Omori Video Game Junkyard Rude Robot Weak Spot 007

Omori Video Game Throwing Things From

Omori Video Game Kel Can Throw 009

Fortunately, Kel finally shows off his ability: to throw things. For some reason, this rude robot has a weak point on his head that makes it explode if you throw things at it. Tag Kel in, and get the robot out of your way.

Omori Video Game Gator Guys

You’ll have access to the top of the crates in the next area. However, if you look closely, the meme gators are moved to the side a bit. Wow, okay. This meant I had to backtrack to see what was inside.

Omori Video Game Mister Scarethrow 011

As soon as I entered, I was greeted by a scarecrow.

Omori Video Game Call Me Mister Scarethrow 012

Except, it’s not any normal scarecrow, his name is Mr. ScareTHROW, and he is a self-aware scarecrow with a traumatic past, so naturally, we want to throw things at him.

Omori Video Game Mister Scarethrow Fun 013

After you’re done throwing things at him (and he thanks you), you feel there’s no payoff. That’s why the sadist in me continued to throw.

Omori Video Game Mister Scarethrow Anything Nice 014

Omori Video Game Mister Scarethrow Survive 015

He’ll go on about the abuse he faced as a child as you continue to pummel his face with Kel. Eventually, you’ll get an achievement. So mean.

Omori Video Game Mister Scarethrow They Call Me 016
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – They Call Me Scarethrow

After you get the Steam achievement, he’ll reset himself. There’s nothing more you can do here except want five minutes of your life back.

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