Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Ten

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Ten
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Ten

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It’s time to explore the rest of the Otherworld in the prologue. From what we gather about this world, it’s full of trash. Not necessarily the people, but actual trash. The town looks so small; where is all this trash coming from? Unless this whole little mini-planetoid is where all space trash goes for collection.

Omori Video Game Ferris Pick Up The Trash 001

It used to be a great place to visit (for what?) until whatever governing bodies decide not to take a relaxed approach to littering, but before we address the litter, we need to address why there’s a house-shaped in the face of a girl, similar to the pillow in the room after the white space.

Omori Video Game Pessi I Love Sweetheart 002

You walk inside to meet the equivalent of an internet stan who goes on about a celebrity in Omori known as “Sweetheart.”

Omori Video Game Pessi Sweetheart Posters 003

She’ll talk to you about her completely normal behavior before you’re free to walk around and notice things about her house.

Omori Video Game Pessi Bed 004

Surprisingly, she has a normal bed.

Omori Video Game Pessi Bookcase 004

Omori Video Game Pessi Boombox 005

Omori Video Game Pessi Merchandise 006

However, everything else is obnoxious. This house is clearly a dig at stan culture, and we’re here for it. While there’s nothing of note (as far as the story is concerned), it’s a bit of comic relief.

Omori Video Game Ferris Got Can 007

Walk outside to where Ferris was complaining about the can, and you’ll notice a glowing item in one of the containers.

Omori Video Game Recycling Machine 008

Omori Video Game Recycling Machine 5 Clams 009

You’ll also see a recycling machine nearby. If you haven’t put two-and-two together yet, then you insert the can into the recycling machine to get 5 clams. You’ll find more trash as you progress through the Otherworld.

Omori Video Game Space Pirate Guy 010

Omori Video Game Aubrey Sounds Awful 011

Omori Video Game Kel Pet Rock 012

Go up the stairs, and you’ll run into a space pirate guy who tells you that you’re entering the domain of Capt. Spaceb- I mean, Space Boyfriend. I was expecting confrontation because running into goons like this makes me think I need to fight my way to a boss, but they were surprisingly welcoming.

Omori Video Game Kel Space Boyfriend 013

Even enough to let us walk up all the way to Space Boyfriend himself and let Kel jump on the bed.

Omori Video Game Kel Space Boyfriend Precious Sweetheart 014

It looks like Space Boyfriend has come down with a case of lovesickness and, despite having an entire remnant of underlings, it’s up to Omori and the team to save the day.

Omori Video Game Space Pirate Guy Special Mixtape 015

Omori Video Game Space Pirate Guy Special Mixtape Playing 016

Omori Video Game Aubrey Should Help Him 018

Despite Kel’s reluctance, Aubrey, the only girl in the group, is the one who volunteers everyone for this special mission to look for a special mixtape for Space Boyfriend.

Omori Video Game Aubrey Should Help Him 018

Omori Video Game Junkyard Key 019

That’s when you’re given a junkyard key to get into the junkyard to search for the mixtape.

Omori Video Game Space Boy Backyard 020

A door to Space Boyfriend’s backyard is opened for Omori to get behind Snaley and progress through the story.

Omori Video Game Long Ladder 021

Omori Video Game Space Pirate Dude Ladder 023

You’ll come across two space pirates who are talking in the shadow of the planet with arms (Pluto) we saw on the sign way back at Berly’s park.

Omori Video Game Got Backpack 024

Once you get to the other side of the bridge, you’ll enter a small area with a blue pumpkin, holding a backpack, and a wormhole.

Omori Video Game Got Wormhole 025

Yes, a wormhole. A worm, coming out of a hole. This is top-level comedy. Step aside, Carrot Top.

Omori Video Game Got Junkyard Key 026

Walk north to the Junkyard, and use the key to enter.

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