Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Sixty-Three

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Sixty-Three

It’s time to go down the last pathway through Humphrey. Keep in mind; you can do any pathway in any order. Going right was the last direction I didn’t go in.

Omori Game Guide - Follow The Last Pathway Through Humphrey

You travel down a long river, encountering some grotesque enemies.

Omori Game Guide - Snot Flies Everywhere

Be ready to take some party-wide damage.

Omori Game Guide - Grab A Green Pumpkin

After landing, take a left to grab a green pumpkin. Continue forward, and you’ll see a green waterfall and stairs going up. You can’t traverse this waterfall yet. Head up the stairs.

Omori Game Guide - Time To Take A Picnic

Once you’re up the stairs, you’ll see Mari’s blanket. I suggest saving and healing up since you’re here.

Omori Game Guide - Mr Bird - Field Work In Progress - Do Not Disturb

Continue left from Mari’s blanket. You’ll see two directions. A raft going back into the water or cones going north. Since I like chaos and ignoring warnings, I decided to head north first.

Omori Game Guide - Humphrey - Medusa treats us well and feeds us regulary

You’ll encounter Humphreys, who talk about Medusa. Compared to Marina down one path and Molly down the other, Medusa sounds fine. But I’m sure she has her issues too.

Omori Game Guide - This looks like a job for KEL

After talking to the Humphreys, you’ll see a platform.

Omori Game Guide - Kel breaks the cork off the wall

Switch to Kel and have him break the cork off the wall.

Omori Game Guide - After KEL breaks the cork off the wall

This will break an obstacle I didn’t know was there. Good thing I decided to go in this direction first.

Omori Game Guide - Move along the river

Now that you’ve broken through, get onto the raft and move along the river, fighting enemies along the way.

Omori Game Guide - KEL - Do you want to join your friend Humphrey at the waterfall

You’ll see a Humphrey floating in the water. This one is similar to the one floating on the waterfall. It looks like we need to convince these Humphreys to make a bridge for us.

Omori Game Guide - Go down the river south

Go around the corner, and the path will fork. Continue south to convince another Humphrey to join the waterfall bridge, then come back up and head east.

Omori Game Guide - Start slicing the cones

Hop off the raft on this small platform and have Omori slice through the cones for a green watermelon item. If you need, heal up your party since the snotballs explode when they die, so use Hero’s Snack Time or one of your healing items for the party.

Omori Game Guide - Again follow the river south

When you continue from the green watermelon platform, you’ll see the path goes south, or you can disembark. I continued south to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Omori Game Guide - Follow the river south and you see a waterfall

If you go south, you’ll see another waterfall, Humphrey.

Omori Game Guide - Omori Party was victorious Waterfall

You can move on if you want, but the only thing at the end is a green watermelon that ends up being a mimic.

Omori Game Guide - KEL - Look at all these cool plants here

Now, head back up to where you can disembark and go through the door. They’ll find a basil plant. At this point, the friends have completely forgotten about Basil.

Omori Game Guide - KEL attacks the slime bunny

Continue through the area. You’ll encounter some Slime Bunnies scattered about. They should die after one turn if you use Kel’s follow-up abilities.

Omori Game Guide - Walk up to the green watermelon

You’ll see a ladder you can climb to get to a watermelon.

Omori Game Guide - There is a face on the wall

Between one of the bookshelves, you’ll see a face in the wall. Switch to Aubrey to break through it.

Omori Game Guide - You Got Globe
You got GLOBE!
Omori Game Guide - Equipment Globe

You will also see a blue watermelon on top of the bookshelf. Head to the left of the bookshelf and climb the ladder. The watermelon contains a “Globe,” a weapon for Kel. It increases his hit by a considerable amount but also lowers his speed drastically. This might come in handy for certain situations, so I’m holding on to it. For now, I like him having more speed. I’m thinking if I had items to increase Kel’s speed, it would make up for the speed loss.

Omori Game Guide - You Got Jam Packets

Going through the face in the wall puts you in a small room with a green watermelon that gives Jam Packets.

Omori Game Guide - Climb the bookshelfs

Continue south past another pair of bunnies and climb the bookshelf. Switch to Kel and break the cork. This knocks the Humphrey down the waterfall.

Omori Game Guide - Break the cork again

I didn’t notice there was a platform on the other side, so I headed back near the entrance of the room, went west, and moved this Humphrey too.

Omori Game Guide - Humphrey down at the waterfall

Once you’re done moving to Humphrey’s down. Leave that area and go back outside. When you do, you’ll see the Humphrey’s you dislodged at the bottom of the waterfall. One is on the left, and the other is on the right. These are the last Humphrey’s you need for the waterfall.

Omori Game Guide - Walking across the humphrey bridge

Now, head to the waterfall and walk across the Humphrey bridge (I suggest saving at Mari before continuing).

Omori Game Guide - Move north on the river

The path only forks momentarily for you to pick up a green watermelon. Now, head North.

Omori Game Guide - Pick up the green watermelon and move north on the river

You’ll enter an area where you see different foods dropping into the water.

Omori Game Guide - Fooddroppings in the water

The food leaves a shadow before it falls. Try not to be under one when it drops because the group takes damage.

Omori Game Guide - Passing through the Fooddroppings

As you continue north, you’ll see a big sprout mole slowly falling to the ground.

Omori Game Guide - Big Molio - I am big molio

If you catch him, he thanks you and says he blesses you with a great fortune. I didn’t receive any clams or anything. He just flies away. Maybe we run into him in the future.

Omori Game Guide - Moving east on the river

Continue east, and you’ll enter an area with multiple platforms to disembark. However, I noticed something familiar on one platform (Snaley), so I went there first to see how he was still alive.

Omori Game Guide - Snaley - What a nice looking pool
SNALEY: What a nice looking pool!

I landed on the platform and talked to the Humphreys, who all have a weird fixation with air conditioning. If you walk up to Snaley, a short scene starts before you talk to it. It talks about going swimming before jumping into the water…and drowning.

Omori Game Guide - Snaley disintegrates

I’m not sure what the point of that is, but Snaley disintegrates in Sweetheart’s Castle; I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of Snaley.

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